Dabi Does America

Do you guys remember my lovely friend Dabi The six-language speaking Thai/Ahka cutie you helped send to English school in Chicago?  He’s going to use his improved English to continue to advocate for hill tribes and develop culturally appropriate community development programs.Dabi’s been in America for about a month now, road tripping with our mutual friends Daniel and Amanda and now hunkering down for three months of intense study in Chicago.  Here are a few photos of Dabi being as awesome as possible around America.






I’d love to see Dabi when I get back to the States in July – here’s hoping we can put together an awesome video for you guys!If you’d like to contribute to Dabi’s tuition, you can do so here:

Both Dabi and I say ขอบคุณ.!



Yay! Looks like he's been having a great time! I bought a pair of earrings for his cause and I do love to wear them – they've become my go-to pair for fancy occasions!


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