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You guys!  How was your week?  This was my last week in Wellington, New Zealand (over wrought emotional post to come) so I spent most of it having drinks/coffees/dinners with friends.  Next up, I’m heading to Melbourne, Sydney, San Francisco, Sacramento and then back to Minnesota for a few months at the lake with my fam.  In preparation, I’ve been paring my 10 belongings down to 7 belongings and walking along the bay drinking coffee.  Like, every day.  Sometimes twice.

Who cares, Sarah?  Stop talking about yourself!  Bring on the links!

Interesting post about why we lie. How often do you lie – white lies or otherwise?

Do you guys remember when I packed for a weekend in Chicago in my purse?  Travel writer Rolf Potts traveled for six weeks, through twelve countries with zero bags.  Not even a man purse.  Okay, dude.  You win.More free awesome free things you should download: gorgeous blog clip art.

Interesting/heart breaking: child brides.

Ooooh!  In the event that you want a hanging lamp that looks like an illuminated dress shirt on a hanger.  (Really, it looks cooler than it sounds.)

Moorea knows what she’s talking about.  Three best ways to be productive when you’re self-employed.

Amy!  Stop melting my heart!  Things That Changed Her Life, Part 7.

If you, like me, love letters and tiny things, you probably need The World’s Smallest Post Office Home Kit.

On the Travel Savvy boards, we’re talking about our craziest travel stories, the secrets to a good road trip and our favorite packing light tips.

Creating a blog that reflects who you are.

I ate one of the best meals of the year yesterday at Eateria de Manon – an adorable European place tucked down an alley in Newtown, Wellington.  For $50 you get five courses (including fancy palate cleansers!), a roaring fire and sweet French music.  Absolutely perfect.

If you follow The Post College Survival Kit on twitter or facebook, you can take part in our upcoming webinar on loan consolidation, debt, savings and having fun even if you’re broke.

What do you think about the internet’s obsession with girl-like women?  Always with the cupcakes and kittens and dresses with tights?  I found this article really interesting: Don’t Fear The Dowager: A Valentine To Maturity.

On the Every Buddy message board we’re talking about making friends while we travel, sharing blogging tips and tricks and the tv shows and movies we love.

10 Photos Of Cats On Tiny Furniture.  Annnnnd you’re welcome. (thanks, Tamara!)

Vintage Yes and Yes you might have missed the first time around: Thoughts on Job-Quitting and Country-Hopping, Dressing For Your DNA and In Praise of Theme Parties.

I have three more openings for people seeking hook-ups in June’s Network of Nice and heaps of spots for people who can provide a hook up.  If you’ve got expertise to share, email me!

Also: I’d love to do a pair of True Story interviews called “True Story: I’ve Had 70+ Sexual Partners” – one interview with a man and one with a woman.  I’m pretty sure I’ve got the male interview lined up, but I haven’t found a woman yet.  Is that you, or anyone you know?  If you’re feeling shy, you can (obviously) do the interview anonymously.  Drop me a line at sarah (at) yesandyes (dot) org.

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Love these web time wasters!

Good luck with your travels. SF is fabulous. I lived there for a couple years, and miss it.

I'm also returning to MN in time for the summer! Did you hear about the record-high days they just had? As long as it's not record-high-mosquito-count, I think I can deal. 🙂


Hi Sarah, wow I can't believe this is your last week in Wellington. I live in the Wellington region and it would be a pretty cool coincident if we ran up to each other accidentally. xD

The gorgeous blog clip art is very neat. *Printing some cute stuffs out*


That story about the Child Brides is heart breaking.

My friend's daughter is 5 – I can't even comprehend her getting engaged/married at that age – to her marriage is when a mummy and daddy love each other – or prince charming meets the princess and they live happily ever after.

My "little sister" is 12 – she's not really my sister but she's as good as a sister so I look at her that way. She's sitting her end of year exams this week and again I can't even imagine that in those cultures she'd be getting married.

Both of these girls come from Christian families and so when the day does come that they look at getting married then parents and church family will be involved I'm sure to make sure that they know about the decision they are making is a big one.


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