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How was your week, friends?  I spent mine in Bowral, a little town between Canberra and Sydney.  There was much hiking and face-stuffing and the like.  Also: warming myself by a woodstove and poking around boutiques.  Lovely!

Now!  Interesting things from the internet!
Refugee resettlement is something that I feel really passionately about (I taught ESL to KaRen and Hmong refugees in St. Paul, Minnesota for two years.)  Australian channel SBS has created a super interesting reality show in which Australian citizens experience Australian refugee detention centers, long boat voyages and refugee camps.  Wow.

On the Travel Savvy boards, we’re talking traveling on your own and  best travel tips
Interesting!  The stories behind different items on Ebay
Angelyne is a Hollywood Icon, best known for her self promoting billboards and driving around town in her pink Corvette. This shirt was actually purchased directly from Angelyne, out of the trunk of said pink Corvette. 

In the event that you have to fax something to someone (how vintage!) you can do it all online now – without a fax machine!

Alex went to New Zealand to travel and now she’s stranded without a job and living out of her car.  Could you hook her up with some couch space?  Or a job hook up?I loved this – stories of the ‘moral underground’ – every day people doing small (slightly sneaky) things to make the world a better place.

I won’t let anyone tell me who I should be, and I certainly won’t let them tell me I should be this or that so that men will like me. If I like wearing rompers and eating FroYo instead of drinking wine and reading Ayn Rand, so what? And what if I like doing both? Are dressing the way I do and being a strong, independent, smart and driven woman mutually exclusive? I say that’s bullshit.
Granted, I do get her point. And she has some valid takes on things. Ladies, we should never EVER dumb ourselves down to be more attractive to a man. Don’t ever make yourself seem more stupid, a worse driver, not as good at sports, not as business savvy, etc. just so that the man you’re with or want to be with will accept you.
On the Yes and Yes Every Buddy Board, we’re talking about going out in public without makeup, honing our intuition skills and the best audiobooks.
Maggie Mason has put together a summer camp for grown ups!  You’ll learn how to throw a punch, make a fire, cross items off your life list, listen to bands, do a service project for charity and even have a costume party!Some vintage Yes and Yes you might have missed the first time around: Interview with a sled dog vet, The Soundtrack Of Your Adolescence and How To Make Friends Wherever You Go.

Yes.  Design Sponge’s best of DIY organization!

Oooohh!  Five fantastic daily newsletters for a better life.  That’s a big call.

This is what happens when you say YES.

What awesome links have you found this week? Leave them in the comments!


Amy Lou

Three things:

1. I love that you're in Bowral. It's gorgeous. Shame it's not open house/garden season, as that is even more awesome.

2. Where else are you going on your Australia jaunt?!

3. SBS' "Go Back…" is Just.Amazing. It's the kind of thing that has sorely needed to happen in this country for a long time, and it's ambitious, brave, and pretty darn hard to ignore. Brilliant telly.


Re: faxes. OMG, it is about time. I always wondered why this didn't exist yet.


I'm here to comment on 'Go Back…' because MY HO– USEMATE WORKED ON IT! He has been bringing work home for the past six months, logging this show and transcribing and showing us the most hilarious parts of their interviews and telling us the goss. every time i see it anywhere I have to comment on it because i'm super proud of him 🙂


I love this! I subscribed to some of the newsletters from the 'Five fantastic daily newsletters for a better life' link you gave.

Thank you for sharing those interesting links. (:


Sarah – just a quick follow-up: whatever happened to Alex from this post? I hope she is doing okay.


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