Notes From The Road: San Francisco + Sacramento

For the last nine months, I’ve been living out of a backpack in India, Nepal, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia.  This is my last stop before I return home to Minnesota!  You can read about my other travel adventures here.



Oh hai, America!

It warms my little heart whenever I go through American customs and the border patrol says “Welcome home, Ms. Von Bargen” (instead of “How did you hear about Peru?”)
It’s been lovely being back in the states, particularly in Heaven On Earth (re: San Francisco and Sacramento).  I’ve been so busy hiking and picniking and Napa-ing and Lake Tahoeing and blog buddy meeting, I really didn’t take that many photos.



how cute are Amy and Tami?!


How do you guys deal with post-travel, post-vacation life?  I’ve got to hit the ground running with heaps of family catch ups, lots of new copy-writing clients and navigating a summer at the lake without high speed internet (!!!!) (that’s the sound of me frantically searching for contract-free mobile broadband with coverage in rural Minnesota)



This isn't exactly on topic but talk of San Francisco and people saying stupid shit reminded me of this story and I had to share. I'm Australian and visited San Francisco in january a few years back. The American woman I was speaking to was completely confused when I mentioned that it was summer back home, and didn't understand what I meant when I explained that we're in different hemispheres.

In other news: god I wish I was back in San Francisco.


I'm quite interested in the answers on this one. I feel like a jerk telling everyone that I'm sad to be home and I didn't really miss anyone that much (I mean 6 weeks really isn't that long!!) – but it's the truth!


I always set my desktop to a picture from my trip, I stick up the magnets I got in my locker/other magnetic place, and I enjoy all the things I missed like having my whole wardrobe back, and having more control over what I eat. Basically I just keep optimistic, remember the fun and keep moving.


I bet you drove right through my home town of Vacaville when you were going to/from Sacramento to/from SF! 🙂 Glad you are enjoying CA!


Coming home is always hard. Even harder if I'm coming back from outside the country. I almost got detained at JFK because they thought I had a fake passport. Some reason they thought it was strange that I was born in New York but grew up in Pennsylvania. That seemed to trip them up as much as my middle name, Dee, seemed suspicious in India. It took three security men with large guns and two of my friends to sort that mess out.


ahhh! this makes me miss frisco so much. i definitely left half my heart there and one here in boston. so lovely 🙂 thank you for sharing.


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