Notes From The Road: Sydney Side

For the last nine months I’ve been living out of a backpack – in India, Nepal, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia and New Zealand.  Now I’m on my way home via Australia, Taiwan and California.  You can read about my previous adventures here.


visiting sydney australia


The above photo is not really representative of how lovely Sydney is.  I am, however, including it in this photo dump because I am embarrassingly proud of myself for learning to navigate Australia’s train system. Yes, I traveled through Laos by myself.  Yup, I totally slept on a bed made of sticks in the mountains of Bolivia.  Whatevs.  I CAN BUY TRAIN TICKETS AND — USE THEM CORRECTLY.In addition to riding trains like a boss, I also explored Manly beach, watched rugby, checked out the botanical garden’s giant bats, took one million photos of the opera house, saw a play about Jullian Assange and had dinner with a few of you cuties!

Those aren’t seed pods, guys.  They’re flying foxes.

Next up, hiking in Katoomba and then a 16-hour layover in my old stomping grounds of Taiwan!
  (I’m probably the first person to ever be so excited about 16 hour layover)Do you wanna live out of a backpack for nine months?  Check out my ebooks on long-term travel.  12,000+ words, 60-minute podcast, 14 worksheets = $15!


The Dame

Aw! Your pictures bring back so many memories! I miss Australia so much! Everyday in fact! Looks like you did all of the usual haha and arent those bats freakish!

Miss Boo

Ah Sydney! Cute boys lurk on those trains… So many awesome memories came back just from that first picture. So much awesomeness!


Hahah I laughed out loud about the train tickets! I've felt the same way here in France with all the public transportation. I have no idea what I'm doing and everything is in French which I only kinda understand, but I think I've figured it all out! Which makes me feel awesome, even though most people do it all the time 🙂


yay Katoomba, that's my town. When you're there you absolutely have to go to the Common Ground Cafe on the corner of Katoomba St and Waratah St. It is divine. Also while you're walking down katoomba street stop in at the paragon cafe up the top and grab a chocolate 🙂 you'll thank me later


Yay, I'm also a Katoomba girl! I was about to recommend Common Ground too, but I've been pipped at the post – consider that seconded, it's like an above ground hobbit hole. The thai tofu sandwich is amazing, and you have to finish off with a vegan ball.


Hah I've never considered our public transport to be confusing but I guess it would be when you try it for the first time! Glad you loved Sydney.


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