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How was your week, guys?  I spent mine bumming around Sydney with a friend I’ve known since first grade!  We poked around Manly beach, ate a lot of amazing food and discussed all the things that come with adulthood.

Now!  Fun things from the interwebz!

Gorgeous, subtle tattoos.

Over on the Yes and Yes Every Buddy boards, we’re talking about our favorite wines/salad toppings/veggies recipes/brown bag lunches and everybody’s sharing their blogs!

You know an ad campaign is effective when you find yourself thinking about how it would apply to you and your purchases.

If you’re a media/publishing/blogging nerd like me, you might like 7 Platforms Changing The Future of Publishing

I loved Alex’s post about the mysterious aspects of well-known friends.  Isn’t it fantastic when you find out new things about people you’ve known for ages?

Wanna travel the world on the cheap?  Check out Helpx and exchange work for room and board at lodges, homestays, farms – even sail boats!

The Secret Emotional Lives of Animals!

I loved Brandy’s collection of awesome things her 3rd graders have said over the past year.
On vacations
“They are good until I get carsick every time. Last time my mom made me puke in a rubber boot.”

On being smart
“Being smart is basically one of the best things I have in life.”

On spelling tests
“There’s not enough brain fuel in the world to get me to spell ‘especially’ correctly.”

Over on the Travel Savvy boards we’re talking about vacation preparation, what types of souvenirs we buy and giving money to beggars when we travel.

Share any awesome links you discovered in the comments!



Its wonderful that you put out links to good posts for us to read here. I loved Alex's post and The secret emotional lives of animals, especially. Thanks for the compilation.


I love the world map tattoo but Australia is an interesting shape, no?


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