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Friends!  How was your week?  I spent mine poking around San Francisco and Sacramento, going to every blessed tourist thing and not taking very many pictures.  Which was kind of nice!

Now!  Bring on the links!

I like this: I think you should save money and not spend it all on fashion.

Crazy!  Did you know that in the 1970s a baby chimp was raised entirely by humans and taught sign language?  A movie was made about the entire debacle – it culminated with the the chimp smoking pot and humping a kitten.  Whaaaat?!

I would like to discuss this.
So, everywhere we go, we can’t help but think This is a place where rape happens. I am not unusually afraid of rape, by the way. This is a normal level of fear for a woman who has not been raped.

Let’s discuss this too.

I would be lying if I said I never wished Mark had chosen a different career that earned more money. I would be lying if I said I never got jealous of all my stay-at-home mom friends because the choice to stay home or work was never mine to make. I would be lying if I never said that sometimes I felt it was unfair that the burden of lifting our family out of a paycheck-to-paycheck existence always fell on me.Cute!  Stylish 70 year olds.

It’s true, yo.  No one cares if you succeed or fail

10 unexpectedly awesome foreign musical genres.

Lovely ideas if you’re going to take a digital sabbatical (or just want to get outside) 78 wholesome/cheery/legal things to do.

Also!  I wrote a guest post for my girl Kim about working for yourself without going broke or crazy.  It is, in fact, possible.

What awesome links did you find this week?



Funny.Most of the links you provide are also featured on galadarling.com. :/


One of the best books I've read this year is Half Brother by Kenneth Oppel. It's the story of the people who raised the chimp as part of their family as told by the adolescent son. The story is heartwarming and original.



Whoo! I adore SF, so I'm sure you had lots of fun. (Impossible not to!)

Re the quote SarahSpy posted: Yes. I think it is hard for men to hear, but women do think about rape often. I can't think of a single place I'd be entirely unafraid of rape, if men are present, with the exception of being in a private room with my partner, or a few close friends. It's not that I think most men are rapists. I know they aren't, it's just that you can't tell. And women are aware of that, constantly.


Three things:
1. There is an episode of This American Life that featured the heartbreaking story of a chimp raised by humans. It was one of the most memorable episodes ever. It's called Parent Trap from February 2010, I would give it a listen.
2. I loved the breadwinner article. Being a working woman and mom is so much more complicated than being a working man and a dad.
3. I must say that I am shocked at the rape article. Is this truly a way that most women think? I am honestly never thinking about or afraid of rape unless perhaps I'm walking in a dark alley at night. I wonder if it's just rape or if people are living in a constant fear of all sorts of other things too. The local newspaper came out with a big story awhile back about how the city was on a major fault line and could have an earthquake at any time, and a friend of mine was so afraid that she refused to go in parking garages ever again. I can't imagine having fear on my brain all the time. I'm interested to read the comments and see if I'm in a minority here!


I think this fear is not a conscious one, but it rather is going on "in the background" all the time.
I read an article a while ago that elaborated on the whole thing more; I talked about how the author was behaving about men, i.e. getting weary when a stranger approached her (to ask the time or something), how the atmosphere and her mood changed slightly when a man entered the room, etc. I just remember reading it and thinking "…bloody hell, this is exactly what I do as well."
Basically we've been trained to see every man as a potential rapist. When a woman I don't know comes up to me, everything is fine. When a man I don't know comes up to me, I'm immediately far more conscious of my surroundings, other people nearby, possible ways out, the exact proximity between myself and him, and so on. I don't think to myself "Oh he might rape me", but my unconscious treats him as a potential threat.
I wasn't aware of this before, but sadly, this is the way it is.

Sarah Von Bargen


Yup! That's because I round up all my favorite links from the blogs that I read – including the links *they* link to. And I read Gala and she links to great stuff 🙂


Stefanie, I totally see your point and appreciate the way you articulated that. I remember in college being aware that I couldn't/shouldn't walk alone at night and being aware of non-college-aged men when I was walking with a group of girls. (Not that college-aged men couldn't also do bad things, but I went to a safe, small, private school and just wasn't trained to be afraid of my fellow students.)
But I would say that in my adult life, I don't often have that instinctive reaction towards men, except like I said, alone at night. But I did read up on the backstory on the link above and it turns out that a man asked a woman into his apartment for coffee inside an elevator at 4 in the morning (or something like that), which yes, I would call that cause for alarm. So I do in fact see the point. I just was shocked that it was "rape" that was the buzzword that made women weary of situations and not just general stranger-danger or common sense. Anyway interesting food for thought to be sure!


Hi Sarah, long-time reader and some-time commenter:
This song is the most amazing thing I discovered all week! Quite possibly the highlight of my year (I would even say my life and even then that's not even that much of a stretch!)- You will adore this with every morsel of your existence, and if you don't… then you may want to go and get yourself checked out!


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