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Awesome links for your Sunday!

How is girlfriend wearing four different patterns and a floppy hat and still looking awesome?!

On the Yes and Yes Every Buddy Boards we’re talking about the things we look forward to, applying for jobs and how our childhood diets have affected our adult food choices.

Let’s try this peach cake recipe – with ginger and homemade peach syrup and sugar shards!

Can we talk about how cute and fashionable Smaggle and her mister are?  (Also, having met Mr. Smaggle in real life, I can tell you that he’s an absolute gem of a gentleman)

Finding Whimsy in Geography is lovely! (wouldn’t this be a great project to do with grade school kids?)

On the Travel Savvy boards we’re talking about our favorite international desserts and what we actually do with our time while we’re traveling.

Urban farming around the world!

A great series of posts about one woman’s journey to get out of debt.

New favorite online shop to stalk and obsess over?  Proud Mary.

Let’s talk about this:

I always just assumed that even women who don’t have that maternal rush suddenly develop it the moment the kid pops out, you know, like with Miranda in Sex and the City or Keri Russell’s character in Waitress. It will all suddenly make sense. So I just have to go for it.  But honestly, I’m scared. Could I possibly be a suitable mother? I drop a lot of things and I require a lot of sleep and I have a deep phobia of vomit (true story). And I love the way things are right now between me and Matt. Will a baby change that?

For those of us who are landlocked – this sea salt spray can still give us awesome beach hair.

Gorgeous DIY: antiqued glass votive

Also!  I’m looking for recommendations on Etsy shops or artisans based outside of the western world (North America/Western Europe/NZ/Oz)  Who do you love?



oh my lordy! i'm a long time reader, but have never commented but i love the salt spray! moving from florida to boston basically means a shortage of lovely sea salty air and a lot more sketchy river water. thanks for the links! 🙂


Ahh! That Portland Cello Project video just made my day!! John Brophy is not actually in the band, but he runs a couple of karaoke nights here in Portland and I just love him. Thank you for including it this week 🙂


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