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How was your week, friends?  I saw both of my grandmas, two cousins, two aunts, rode in the car for 7,000 hours and remembered that few things smell better than wet swimsuits on a hot day.

Awesome links, you say?

I’ve never been to Nicaragua, but this gorgeous post has me intrigued.

I’m sure you guys are familiar with the horror that is the Pickup Artist Community.  Here’s an academic approach to all that foolishness.

On the Every Buddy boards, we’re giving advice on what to do if you’re failing classes at college but don’t know what else to do, sharing our favorite blogs and our techniques to save money.

I’m not 100% sold on having children (though I’d love to play with yours and then give them back!) but then I read things like this and I think: hmmmm.

Pretty, blinged-out friendship bracelets

If you’re trying to get healthy or lose weight, perhaps you could learn something from my girl Amy!  What I’ve Learned While Losing 40 Pounds

Oh, my.  I am obsessed with these neon/metallic animal figurines.  This post isn’t actually a how-to, but I imagine they’d be pretty easy to replicate!

On the Travel Savvy boards we’re talking about amazing travel moments, live and learn travel lessons and what type of souvenirs we buy.

I’m a quarter Swedish and a quarter Norwegian, so I was really intrigued by this article on Viking women and their roles in (surprisingly egalitarian) Viking society.

I never imagined I’d find a recipe for kale and honeydew salad appealing.  And then I found this one.

What links do you love this week?  Put ’em in the comments!



Children are the best thing ever. The hard part is finding someone to have a child with.


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