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This lovely guest post comes to us via Belinda of B for Bel.  She writes about all things adorable on the daily.  Do stop over and say hello!

Sometimes, it’s the hardest thing in the world to get out of bed and start the weekday. You just want to bury deep into your covers and go back to the land where donuts are fat-free and being Mrs Ryan Reynolds is just a matter of ring size. Perhaps these sweet little items can get you through the day?

Waking up
If you’re a deep sleeper like me, this might be the only clock that can help you avoid the dreaded Oversleep.  It literally rolls around the room so you won’t get a chance to hit the snooze button.

Hate that grody spit/water/toothpaste build-up at the bottom of your toothbrush cup?  Me, too.  That won’t happen if you get one of these adorable balancing toothbrushes!

2-way toothpaste

The easiest, simplest inventions are always the smartest, don’t you agree? No more tube wrestling!
Really. The person who invented this must be my secret admirer because no one else would care that I hate soggy cereal. Why is it that no one has invented this before?

Write a message on the board and it imprints onto the toast.  What an adorable way to ask your boyfriend to pick out groceries on the way home from work!

Moustache Coffee Cups

Stop depriving yourself of morning humour. I can’t be entirely sure, but these seem to be famous moustaches. I’m guessing Albert Einstein, Vernon Dursley, Clark Gable, and Captain Hook?
Getting out
Time to pick out some fancy outfits! If you are not bound by a strict dress code, may I suggest:
Even thought it sounds rather rude, we can all acknowledge the name of this product is marketing gold. Heel condoms are going to save you a ton on beautiful and flamboyant shoes. You can pick from a variety of show-stopping designs and all you need to do is slip them onto a sedate shoe. They cost 20-40 dollars but make you look a million dollars.
Before you leave, remember to pack your lunch in these anti-theft mold bags so you’ll never have to hide your lunch in your desk again!
And definitely remember to grab your keys from the magnetic key holder. Also holds letters!
Work is a trillion times more fun when you have these floppy disk post-its. It’s easy to get bogged down by monotony in the workplace but these will definitely add some oomph to your routine.
There are a million different USB designs and this human one is  one of my favourites. Not only does it look like the robot version of Tin Tin, it’s practical! It’s arms and legs work as high speed USB ports.  Cute!
I get really tired of organizing sometimes because it seems too responsible and adult-like. But not when my organizing instruments are super cool giant uncapped pen caps!
Because who doesn’t love jokes about nudists and taxidermy? Nobody, that’s who.
After Work
As cliché as it sounds, there really is nothing better than taking a nice soak after a hard day at work. Even better when you include any of these devil duckies!
Finally, time for dinner! Boring cutlery is not on the menu tonight.
Time to wind down with a little danger swimming about in your teacup. As the tea sets in, it spreads out slowly in the water, ominously dispersing an aura of tasty death.
Some designs strike me squarely between the eyes with their creativity, and this lamp is one of those stunners. It gives you permission to be lazy without being messy. The designer should be asked to save lives.

Keep the boogeyman away with this milk glass nightlight. When it’s turned off, it looks just like a plain glass of milk, but when it’s turned on, it turns into an entire glass of awesome. I love things that pretend to be something else it really is not.What funny/cute/weirdo products do you love?



The "moldy" bag is ingenious – except your sandwich still isn't safe since it might look so realistic that someone throws it out!


Oh em gee. I was going to list the ones that were my favorite but they are all amazing. I think I'd enjoy my dog's confused interaction with the clocks!


Oh I am strong supporter of Miss B's enthusiasm to make life easy! I love these ingenious things and they are awesome! B for Bel, these are lovely!


What a lovely post!! Now I am really thinking of getting the bowl, toothbrush and the toaster.

I just can't resist little quirky things like this.



for the people who make these type of websites….add a link where the items van be bought you a holes!


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