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When I was living in Wellington, NZ with one of my best friends, we would pretty regularly have two-person dance parties to get out of a funk/wake up/get ready to go out.  The above video is a fairly accurate representation of what said dance parties looked like.How was your week, guys?  I worked and wrote 1,000 things, started planning my Birthday Adventure (road trip! camping! islands! kayaks!) and caught up with old friends.  And!  I went to a local beauty pageant where one of the contestants wore a camouflage formal dress and shot a compound bow for her talent!

Now!  Bring on the links!

Yes.  How to be fabulous in three easy(ish) steps.

I am completely entranced by these sparkly shoes.

Useful!  How to be your own stylist!

This is so lovely! The Charmed Life Challenge – 60 ideas to make the rest of your summer extra magical.

On the Every Buddy Boards we’re talking about music we’re currently obsessed with, our best thrift shop scores and tips/tricks for working from home.

For those of us who are busy/slightly anti-social: Three Parties From Your Laptop (invites, playlists order the food all from your computer!)

My obsession with Russia continues!  I love these 100-year old photos of ethnic diversity within Russia.

Aren’t you glad that food trucks are popular now?  I sure am!  (When I moved back from Asia, I was sorely, sorely disappointed by America’s lack of street vendors.  I want to stand on the sidewalk, eating food with my fingers as traffic zips by, dammit!)

Whaaat?!  A virtual summit taught by 100 amazing teachers for free?!

On the Travel Savvy boards, we’re talking about last-minute travel deals and how to win at being The Best House Guest Ever.

Such an adorable idea – teeny, tiny photo albums made from your instragram photos!

Also!  I’m sending out the Yes and Yes Gazette (read: newsletter) today at 2:00 pm CST.  It will include a 90s mixtape.  So if you wanna sign up, now might be the time.  Just sayin.”



That video brought immense joy to my week, and I just proceeded to share it with as many people as I possibly could.


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