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Snow on Cuba Mall in central Wellington (HD) from Ro Tierney on Vimeo

How was your week, friends?  Mine was fantastic.  Remember how I moved back into my old flat in Wellington, New Zealand last spring?  Apparently real estate deja vu is my thing now – I’m moving back into the same apartment building that I lived in pre-nine-month trip!  Except this time, the apartment will be a little bigger, with better closets and nicer floors.  Amazing, no?Okay, Sarah.  Stop talking about housing.  Gimme links.


This is the reality of a fashion editor.  Mary gets pitched weird stuff constantly, here are some of the hilarious, weird, totally unnecessary fashion products people want her to promote.


On the Travel Savvy boards, we’re talking about carry-on only travel, our favorite sites to book travel and organizing medication when we’re border hopping.I was really lucky to grow up without major body issues (well, not any worse than the average painfully thin girl with a triangle perm and glasses).  This post on teaching children body positive habits is great.

The ampersand is one of my favorite pieces of punctuation (that and the oxford comma) so I obviously love this post.

I was surrounded by couples who had actively made the choice to be together and I had a lot of time to think. To notice that couples who are happy are couples who actively work to make their partner happy. 

What to say to someone who’s sick.  (hint: not “it’ll be okay.”)

Holy useful.  The print-out-able, take-along-able ‘should I buy it?’ card!

An incredibly helpful (and honest) look at the perks and pitfalls of blogger partnerships and product placement.

A blog devoted exclusively to cover songs.  Yes, please.

I really hope you don’t have a crappy job.  In the event you do, here are 10 ways to survive it.

Woman I am currently fascinated by: China Machado
Born Noelie Dasouza Machado, the product of 400 years of inter­marriage among Portuguese colonials and the local women in Eastern trading ports like Goa, where her maternal grandmother is from, and Hong Kong, where her Portuguese gold-trader father met her mother.  Growing up in Shanghai’s wealthy French Concession, Machado spoke French in the streets, Portuguese at home, and Chinese to the servants—that is, when the family had servants: In their first occupation of the city, the Japanese confiscated her father’s business and their palatial garden home. The extended family, all fourteen of them, had to move into one apartment.

For the Harry Potter-lover in your life: a Hogwarts Acceptance Letter DIY

Holy awesome.  A Parisian cafe that only serves fondue and baby bottles full of wine?!

I’m disappointed I didn’t think of this blog series first: People Are Awesome.

Clutch purse + make up bag + a million useful interior pockets = The Makeup Clutch

Did you find any amazing this week?  Leave them in the comments!


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