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Friends!  How was your week?  I spent most of it hanging out with my family, deep in the woods of rural Minnesota, working my way towards carpel tunnel, so I can have a bit of free time when I head to the east coast on Tuesday.  In Boston, I’ll be staying with a friend who went to graduate school at Harvard (!) and she suggested we check out a trivia night at one of the pubs in Harvard Square.  So that should be ego crushing.

Stop talking about yourself, Sarah!  I want links!

On the Savvy Living boards, we’re talking about Hootsuite vs. Tweetdeck, how we organize our closets and readjusting to ‘real life’ after a vacation.

How gorgeous is this skirt?  And I bet it would be pretty easy to replicate…

Hypnotizing!  Photographs of high-speed destruction

For those of us who work in our yoga pants from the kitchen table (read: freelance) Freelancing In Style

A fantastic (relatively bite-sized) visual overview of New York Fashion Week!

How to change your eating habits if you REALLY love food.

Gala’s self-love manifesto is fantastic.

How to stop being indecisive and make a decision already!

In the event that you need another reason to give up soda.

Helpful!  Buzz words for your resume

3 minutes inside the head of a 2-year-old.  Hilar.

Stephanie Levy is an American artist living in Europe, traveling and interviewing other creatives.  Let’s try very hard not to hate her for living our collective dream life, okay?

Yes!  Top 10 quick dinners. (My quick dinner = microwaving a Quorn “chicken” patty and eating it with honey mustard. I usually eat it standing up, while checking email.  Fancy!)

Did you find anything great on the interwebz this week?  Leave the links in the comments!


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