My style: Fancy Weirdo

After almost exactly one year of rootless, address-less existence (10 months of travel + 1 month of family visiting + 1 month of guestroom crashing) I finally, finally, finally have a place of my own again. The real estate gods smiled on me and I found an amazing apartment, in a great neighborhood, in my old building. Ridiculous.And do you know what I have to decorate it with? Nothing.

Now, that’s not accurate. I have: 1 dresser. 2 sets of curtains. 1 shower curtain. 15 framed prints. 1 decorative pillow.

Because when I left to travel? I sold everything to the friend that took over my apartment and brought the rest to Goodwill. (Where I actually got most of it in the first place.) But rather than moping about furnishing a two bedroom flat from scratch on $3, I’m going to view this as the exciting challenge it is. And start trawling the interwebz for inspiration.

And when I saw this fantastic interior, I recognized one of my own. A style I like to call: Fancy Weirdo.

I like clean, spare design. But I like it best with plastic skulls painted with chalkboard paint, prints of flying fish, embroidered blankets from obscure hill tribes, antique shoes nailed directly to the wall and slightly ridiculous prints. (See?)

Let’s drool and fantasize, shall we?






How would you define your style?  Any design tricks to share?  Or awesome design resources I don’t know about?


Tilly Mix

Chalkboard paint is one of my favourite things! I've got a magnetic chalkboard door in my childhood bedroom, and my housemates and I have just made a chalkboard out of a broken bookcase for our student house 🙂 I love the idea of chalkboard skulls…

I wish I knew how to define my interior design style – going to give it some thought!

Love, Tilda


I love the fancy weirdo style! If you can find a copy of the old Budget Living book (RIP, sniff), it has fantastic tips for this kind of style on the way-cheap. Look on pinterest for fun places – I sometimes like to just surf around its home design section to see what looks like fun. Oh, and there is a flickr group that collects scans of the old Domino magazine (again, RIP).

Also, you definitely need to post pics when you're done! I loved seeing the pics of your work space in the old apartment.


Check out Pinterest! SOOOO many cute ideas for everything under the sun. It requires an "invite" to start (still in beta I think) but that comes quick and as much as I fought another form of social media in any variety (not like facbook, more like digital pinboards)–it's a great place to get inspiration from others and store my own. BTW, no affiliation, just a satisfied user of the site.


i love the term fancy weirdo! i can get behind that as well. i always find it hard to describe my style, because while i am drawn to functional, clean design, i don't feel quite at home if i can't also have a plastic lego head here and a wind-up chicken salt shaker there. the great thing is, of course, that no one is forcing me to choose between the two.


I think how I decorate varies depending on the place I am in, but in general I have a pretty minimalist style. No dust-collecting clutter, large artwork, lots of neutrals.

As for inspiration, there are tons of great blogs out there but two I love:
* Chezerbey
* Young House Love

amy anne

Congratulations on your new apartment! It's exciting to start from scratch…this is your chance to only buy exactly what you want and/or need. Goodwill always has the most character and craigslist is another easy resource. Can't wait to see what you do with the place!


I love this post as I wil be in the same (or at least very similar) boat in the next two weeks or so. I have spent a year in the middle east and am currently living in my sister's spare room living mostly out of my suitcases.

I will have to do it on a serious budget but will enjoy setting up house with my handsome Irishman.


Julia H.

I feel ya! Random trinkets and decorations make a house a home…and give it major personality. Who would want to look at a bunch of items bought from Pottery Barn that have no fun/personal/creative meaning behind them?


Yep…I'd say I fall under the "fancy weirdo" decorating umbrella too. This is probably best illustrated by the fact that my decorative pride n' joy is a b & w etching of a budgerigar (native Australian parrot type bird) wearing a dapper top hat. It's the best thing ever!

Good luck with the making with the pretty.


Love the phrase Fancy Weirdo! I even gave an little bit of an applause when I saw it matched my style.

I ended up buying a house this year and managed to furnish most of it on the cheap via yard sales and used furniture from other people.

My best idea? I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and found a set of curtains for seven bucks. It went along with my striped wall. My sofa pillow sits on a bamboo frame and I planned on making a new one by getting foam and material. All of the material that was thick was like 50 dollars a yard. So I went back to Bed and Bath, bought more curtains to use that instead! XD


Totally inspired by fancy weirdo! And I'm going to try that chalkboard skulls thing. You could definitely do the first pic with quirky goodwill/yard sale frames filled with Etsy prints and awesome fabric/wallpaper scraps interspersed with your own Moments of Win pictures. Can we have pictures when you're done?


Looooove those pictures! I've seen some really awesome things on HGTV. If I could afford David Bromstad to come decorate my apartment I would. Color and huge furniture!? Yes please!


These rooms are so spot on with beauty and elegance. I love mixing vintage, modern and who knows where. (I call it eclectic, some people call it strange.)Thanks for the eye-candy


I know this blog entry is old, but I was researching Chipotle and somehow stumbled onto your more than awesome blog. Being a college student my style is still evolving, but i have to be honest that what's goin on up there in those pictures is EXACTLY what I will be going for someday. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂


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