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I am more than a little bit in love with my new apartment.  The bathroom is bigger than a bread box, the ‘office’ is larger than a closet and 90% of the electrical sockets and light switches actually work!  Decadent!But chief among my reasons for loving this apartment is the ‘pantry’ off the kitchen.  And by ‘pantry.’ I mean ‘small closet-y thing with built in shelving.’  But it’s the closest I’ve ever gotten to a pantry, so I’m going to decorate the sweet bejesus out of that tiny closet.  And lo, there will be glass jars filled with bulk goods and artfully arranged decorative items in coordinating colors!

A bit of pantry porn, you say?







What features would your dream kitchen include?  Mine would also have: a white ceramic farm sink, a pull-out, under-the-counter dishwasher and a big window over the sink that looked down a hill/at a body of water.



My dream kitchen would have lots of counter space, an island, a gas stove, big pantry, and someone to clean it! Is that asking too much?


OMG those pantries are GORGEOUS!!! Let's see, my dream kitchen would DEFINITELY have a pantry, a Wolf or Viking gas range, lots of counter space, a dishwasher, a breakfast nook, interesting storage space/ shelving that showed off my pretty/quirky plates and glasses. I would also like a porcelain farm sink, and a window over the sink that looked out over nature, either water or woodlands 🙂

Cara Sheppard

Love!!! I would give almost anything to have a proper pantry…. There's a Canadian cooking show called Chef at Home, and it takes place at chef Michael Smith's home in PEI. He's recently remodeled, I think, but he used to have this amazing walk-in pantry with all the staples (and more) in beautiful glass jars and counter space. It makes me drool just thinking about it. Here's a peek at his pantry:

My dream kitchen would have a big centre island, a prep sink, shelves specifically for baking pans and lots of room for cookbooks!


I think I have like, at least half of these pinned on my Pinterest boards because one day… oh yes, one day… my pantry will look just as good.


The third one down is my dream!

Open plan kitchen/dining room plus lots of plants and big windows. I like seeing outside when I cook.


An island where I could bake. Where I could roll out dough without getting creative. Where I could have all my bowls and ingredients in one place without wondering if my daughter ran off with something only to realize that no the ginger was behind the toaster. Oh the dream.


With things like this, I always start out organized and looking pretty, but by the end it always becomes a mess! The joy of time passing.


I'm getting my dream kitchen! Our current house needs to be demolished due to earthquake damage so it's new house time.

New kitchen will have an island containing the sink and dishwasher (Fisher& Paykel Dishdraws FTW)
The stove top will have a least one gas hobb.
And, yup, we're so having a pantry like you have Sarah, just a little bigger so there's storage space for appliances.

Squeeee! I can't wait for our new house 😀


Omg, pantry porn….that made my day. I'm recently separated and when I get my first place it's going to have a beautiful pantry like those in the pictures. Good luck with yours!


OMG…I LOVE Pantry Porn! Yes, I too crave a beautiful kitchen. Glad you're enjoying your new apartment. Welcome back to the states.


Oh, so gorgeous!

My dream kitchen would have a window and space to take pictures near it; lots of open shelving; hooks to hang pots and pans on, and a dishwasher. Oh, yes, and a lovely pantry like one of these, with lots of matching containers with chalkboard labels and tiny scoops inside.

Enjoy the apartment!

two birds

it sounds like you and i want the same kitchen! i would love branwood flooring…maybe even painted a cute chippy turquoise color! ah, if only our little minneapolis kitchen could accommodate such a dream!


Ok the containers in the fourth picture are totally cool! We got some a few weeks back as a wedding gift from someone and I just love them! There is a "button" in the center of the lid and you click it down to airtight seal the container!


A pantry is kind of like the equivalent of a walk-in closet for those of us who are more into eating animals rather than wearing them. Oh, was that gross and inappropriate? Sorry.

My dream kitchen would defo be open plan with the living room. It would have an island, a dishwasher and a pretty nifty shelf for dried herbs and spices.

Loving these pant(r)y shots. Inappropriate again?

Maria xx


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