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How was your week, guys?
  I saw The Wombats at The Varisty (by myself!), introduced friends to my favorite hole-in-the-wall Mexican place, went to the opera, got my quarterly taxes done and continued my quest to furnish my apartment exclusively with things from my friends’ garages, Goodwill and Craigslist.

Enough of my jibber jabber!  Good links for you!

I love Salon’s series about ‘My Brilliant Second Career.’  This woman went from sales rep to long haul trucker and totally, totally loves it.

If you feel like you haven’t accomplished enough for your age (regardless of how old you are) here are two good reality checks:  Betty White’s life by the numbers and notes on being 30.

The internet and your cultural irrelevance – at age 28.

Then again, the Internet is a new kind of barometer for keeping track of
exactly how old you feel: how many things you don’t get, how many
mini-Internet worlds you can’t find the door to; exactly how many
crickets in the world you can no longer hear chirping. Unlike in
generations past, when (I imagine) you just kept doing what you and your
same-aged friends did, and aged into obscurity in comfort on a cloud of
your own tastes and generational inclinations, until you died either
thinking you all were still the coolest or not caring anymore about
being cool, these days the Internet exists in part to introduce you to
all these things you didn’t know about, but in part to remind you how
much there is out there that you’ll never know about.

Cute girls, in beautifully style vintage tweed, riding bicycles!

Kaylah’s bedroom is adorable.

I love few things more than quirky details.

I’m doing my best to eat more seasonal produce (though I struggle to resist the siren song of avocado on toast).  Let’s all make silky parsnip carrot soup.

Advice from a fellow Virgo on staying motivated

Holy convenient.  Thanksgiving From Your Laptop.  Playlists, invitations, food delivered to your door.

Funneh.  How Blogging Became My Boyfriend.
My blog has introduced me to so many great people, and if we ever break up, I hope they choose me.

I’m wiping the drool off my keyboard.  Stuffed Aubergine Rolls.

If November was an accessory, it would be this bag.  (And they’re made in Duluth, Minnesota!)

I’m decorating my place at the moment and I’d like every.single poster Miss Moss chose here.

You Are Not So Smart: A Field Guide To The Psychology of Our Stupidity

Current obsessions: roasted broccoli, my grey skinny jeans (I wear them six days a week and wash them on the seventh), making myself hot, decadent breakfasts every morning, going to my gym’s 9:00 am yoga class populated exclusively by senior citizens, Franny and Zooey (I know I listed this last week, but it’s so good, I’ve been dog-earring and underlining like an eager freshman English major).

What links and things have you been loving this week?


Josephine @ Everyday Juju

Love these! It's my first time back to the blogosphere in a while (look who became a mother!) and I'm thrilled to see Yes and Yes is as charming as ever!
And the thoughts on turning 30 are wonderful! I just turned 30 this year and I'm looking forward to the next 10 years more than I did my
20's – go figure!


Thank you for these links! The links about not feeling like one has accomplished enough for one's age really resonated with me; I turn 19 today, and I feel as if I haven't done anything that everyone else hasn't done already.


I love, love, love the trucker story. Have been semi-seriously considering that option if I end up struggling to land a job. Even talked to a friend who does it for a living, and he's got all the hookups. So cool to see such a kickass woman already pulling it off 🙂


Oh, I so miss Mexican food! We're in Australia right now, and as much as they try, they just can't get it right… 🙁 At least they sell the ingredients I need to make it at home!

Duluth Pack

Yeah! Thank you for mentioning Duluth Pack! Hand made, hand signed, and guaranteed for life! Great post I will pass it along here to the folks at Duluth Pack!

Lesley Myrick

I love Nubby's article on staying motivated…I find that sort of post super inspiring, especially when I'm not-so-motivated… 🙂

PS. Thanks a bunch for stopping by my blog, Sarah! INFJ and ENFJ for life! xo


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