33 New Things: Go To A Dog Show

Every year I make a list of new things I want to try. Some things are exciting, some are scary, some are shockingly mundane. You can read about previous adventures here. 

Though I studied literature and linguistics in school, my heart really belongs to Sociology.  I’ve been known to buy old Sociology and Anthropology textbooks for bedtime reading – because I’m super cool like that.  I love microcosms of culture that are totally outside of my experience.  Jargon that I don’t know, clothing I’ve never seen before, methods of measuring awesome that make no sense to me.

You know, like when someone is talking about the bloodline of their $2,000 Corgie bitch who appears to be wearing a sweater. 

I just love it.  I love seeing people so genuinely excited about something. I love eavesdropping on conversations that are in my native language but are totally indecipherable.  And, let’s keep it real, I love animals in sweaters.

So I obviously had to check out the Minneapolis Kennel Club Dog Show.  Please note that I’m wearing a thematically appropriate shirt with a tiny Scottie dog on it.



Have you ever been to a dog show?  Would you ever go?  And how much do you love Best In Show?

P.S. Remember when I went to the cat show?



I would love to go to a dog show! Here in England we have Crufts, which is a national show. I become strangely addicted to watching it on TV and every year promise myself I'll go. I should!


Whoa, that one dog is a wizard!

I've always wanted to go to a cat show, but do you think it might be inappropriate to run around shouting "KITTY!" and petting the show cats? Because if so maybe I shouldn't be there.


best in show is AMAZING! i laugh the entire time. Also, the one time I went to a dog show I was incredibly overwhelmed. There is a lot going on and I didn't understand any of it! But those puppies sure were pretty!


Best In Show is ridiculous and delightful. I've been known to watch dog shows on TV, but I've never had the chance to actually attend one. Looks like you had a blast! 🙂

Jessica R.

My family members and I still quote Best in Show to one another. "Where is her BUSY BEE?!"

Never been to a dog show, but I have been to an agility competition when I was thinking about getting into it with my border collie. Those people are just way too hard core and devoted for me. But it is so fun to watch!


I would go there and spend the whole time squeeing to the point people would think I was some creepy weirdo and probably kick me out.

In other words, I love dogs.


There are dog shows frequently down the road from me – at the indoor soccer arena. What I always find so annoying is that while sitting on the field watching the little kids running about, I get covered in DOG FUR. GROSS.


I'm probably slightly biased, but even more fun-ferret shows. In addition to the standard judging of the ferrets themselves (coat, muscle tone, bone structure, health and care (teeth, nails trimmed and ears clean)) there are fun contests throughout the day…best dressed, kissing contest, paper bag escape and hotwheel and tube races. Ferrets are adorable bundles of personality and ferret shows tend to be fun and laid-back (obviously competition is an element as well but ferret people tend to be a pretty community-oriented group who assist others and enjoy sharing stories.) Definitely a bit different but if you enjoy cute fuzzy things and their slightly obsessive humans, something you may wish to check out.

Brittany E.

No, I have never been to a dog show, yes I would love too. And just FYI I giggle like a 14 year old boy everytime someone calls a female dog a "bitch." It's sad really. It just always catches me off guard 🙂

Alli (One Pearl Button)

I used to compete in dog shows with my family's collie (yeah, I was an awkward, awkward kid). That came to an end the day my dog POOPED IN THE RING, much to the horror of everyone present. Good times.

Best In Show is my favorite Christopher Guest movie. It never gets old!


How much do I love Best in Show? Do we both love soup?? I bet we could talk or not talk about it for hours.

YES. A dog show. I *must* do this sometime.


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