Dressing For Your DNA

If you were to slice open my DNA, you would discover that I am three parts Viking, two parts bratwurst and one part Ikea. Which I’m sure is a shock to you, what with my deep tan and sexily swarthy coloring and all. Though I have yet to visit Scandinavia, I’ve been to Germany twice and felt oddly at home there. All those polite, slightly reserved, blond people? Those are my people. Their love of cheese, organization and punctuality really resonates with me. Because, coincidentally, I love cheese and order, too!All this thinking about ethnic background led me to consider, what my wardrobe would look like if it more accurately reflected my genetic makeup.


Anethe lives in Stockholm, but occasionally enjoys calling it ‘Rockholm’ when she’s dancing to The Hives and drinking a bit too much akvavit. She is very much the hip cosmopolitan girl – ducking into secret, un-named clubs every weekend, kissing cigarette-scented boys in narrow cobblestone alleyways and wearing scarf upon scarf. She knows her hipster friends would be thoroughly scandalized by her abiding love for ABBA, so she pretends it’s ironic. She does, however, openly admit that her thunderbolt earrings are a nod to Thor.

Maren has lived the entirety of her young life in Bodo, helping her grandparents run a BnB that caters to the midnight-sun seeking tourists. She spends her Sundays rowing through the Fjords with her boyfriend Hans and picking cloudberries in the mountains. When winter blows in, she saunas with her schoolmates. She loves throwing open the door of the sweatlodge and seeing the northern lights reflected in the snow.


Greta eats dark bread and cheese for breakfast every day, before she cycles across Berlin for her morning classes. After a few hours a discussing Nietzche and Brecht, she’s worked up enough hunger for spaetzle and cheese. She meets a friend in the tiergarten for lunch where they find themselves listening to an old man, clad in lederhosen, squeezing away on his accordion. Secretly, Greta loves this traditional music and gives the man five euros when no one is looking.

What would your wardrobe look like if it reflected your background?



I love this repost! Thanks for sharing them – I don't know how I'd find them otherwise. I guess I can go all Française since I'm like 1/4 French (I wish it was more…)


Where did you find the shorts in the Germany post? I've been looking for some lederhosen that are actually cute. Not some sexy Halloween costume and not something off a little boy.

lensimpressions AT gmail DOT com


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