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Friends! How was your week? I started 2012 by jumping into a frozen Lake Minnetonka (how Purple Rain of me, right?) and getting my monthly tacky pedicure.Enough about me!  Awesome links for you!

These tiny leather pouches are adorable!

What should you say when you don’t want kids and everybody keeps asking you about it?

On changing course and building the life you want.
You’re not in a race through an obstacle course, checking off your
adherence to societal standards, one by one. As we get older, it becomes
even more clear that our happiness and well-being are often more
important than the perceived clout we get from a job title. If you’re
not in school for a career that you feel passionate about, it tends to
only get worse with time.

Is this why you love reading?

I contributed to The Reinvention Project a free (!) 30-day program that comes straight to your inbox and gives you tips on transforming different areas of your life – money, health, career, relationships.  Go sign up!

Signs of affection.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to make one of these banners?

Just like everyone else, I wanted to be a ballerina when I was but a wee Von.  What happened to the real-life subject of the incredibly popular children’s book A Very Young Dancer?

Ready, set, go!  30 things to start doing for yourself.

In case you need reminding: Models’ faces before photoshop.

This is a fascinating read!  You, too, can be a self-creation.
You can begin again. You don’t have to let your past, your
circumstances, your name, even your face, hold you back. You can be
anything you want to be… or at the very least, you can appear to be
whatever you want to be. Maybe it’s the same thing.

My girl Sal is putting together this fantastic podcast with two other powerhouse ladies: Strong, Sexy, Stylish.

Have you guys heard of Penelope Trunk?  She’s a well known blogger who is, at the moment, blogging about her abusive marriage and the internet has a lot to say about it.

If you work for yourself, it’s important to choose work that pushes your business forward, right?

Whenever I stay with someone, I’m engaged in a personal contest to Win A Being A Houseguest.  Here’s how to be a great host.

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Thank you for these web wasters! I surely needed them today. I'm really looking forward to the Reinvention Project and realizing that I can be a self-creation. 😀


oh god. that Penelope Trunk link just made me so depressed. I ended up reading about 5 different posts on how utterly screwed up everything is and has been in her life. And how she can't make the changes in her life to make it better for herself and her kids.

It was an important read but I'm staying here where its happy and safe


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