The Secret To Perfect Gift Giving

Friends, we are nearing the year’s second most highly-anticipated gift giving holiday.  And Valentine’s Day can be fraught with even more anxiety than Christmas!  Because, really, not much hangs in the balance if your aunt doesn’t like that Target gift card.  But if your lover hates that sweater/book/kitchen gadget?  You’re going to be getting I’m-disappointed-in-you face for at least two weeks.

I like to consider gift-giving one of my super powers, but if you don’t have the time to rehash every conversation you’ve ever had with your special someone, here’s your shortcut:

Ask their best friend.

That BFF know exactly which video game he wants, which book she’s been meaning to buy, which sweater they almost bought, which fancy scented soaps they like.  And the BFF will probably be impressed and touched that you thought to ask them.  Two birds!  One stone!

Are you giving anybody anything for V-day?


Sue @ SimonsSistaSaw

haha – I saw the title and got all excited about this post. It's my bestie's 30th soon and I want to get her a totally awesome perfect forever & fun present. You've totally just given me permission to talk to myself


To avoid the gift-giving stress, we decided a few years ago simply to not exchange- the first year we did it because we were too broke, the second, we were saving up for a trip, and this year, we're making a fancy dinner instead, and heck, it's kind of like a fun tradition now! It makes it SO much easier.


Ahh we've actually just done the romantic gift thing for our 1 year dating anniversary. He bought me some books that I'd been harping on about (awesome) whereas I (being more the creative type) carved him a love spoon & made him a board game featuring the two of us and all the locations we went on our first date (complete with luck and mehh cards) he loved it, took ages to make but there will only ever be one (in your face pre packaged naff lovey dovey gifts 🙂


Brilliant! I think so many people totally forget that they can ask other people who their loved one is close to. It makes it so much easier if you have no ideas, because they usually have several.


I've never ever done anything for Valentine's day, nor has the spouse of 10(!) years. Awesome! I am so glad that other people have a day of stress that I don't worry about!… I mean, I'm glad I don't stress on a stressful day, not I'm glad y'all are stressing… Don't worry about it. They know if you love them. 😀


I'm not a believer of Valentines myself. We prefer the more unique method for just us of celebrating in that special way of our own annivarsary. That way it is just us and not the rest of the world celebrating with us. More individual.

However, yes, we prefer simple gifts and nice dinners, time spent together, etc. Materialism doesn't mean that much.

Handmade gifts contain more love too!! 🙂


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