Your Gorgeous Wall O’ Goals

If you have been reading Yes and Yes for any amount of time, you probably know that Making The Lists and Accomplishing All The Things are practically my favorite hobbies.  In addition to eating cheese and traveling the world.

Of course, I have a never-ending, constantly-evolving list of yearly goals, but since it’s a piece of notebook paper taped to the wall, it’s less than inspiring.  And while I know the rest of the Internet loves nothing so much as aspirational Pinterest accounts and vision boards, that stuff just isn’t quite my style.

Enter: Wall O’ Goals. 

Visually engaging.  Reminder-ful.  Cuter than notebook paper taped to the wall.

Here’s how I made it!

1.  Shuffle through weheartit and find gorgeous images that match my goals.
2.  In Canva crop, resize and add text to my photos.  I used Impact font in white, faded 13% because I’m nothing if not a total effing hipster.
3. Drop my edited images into a Google doc and print said document on cardstock.
4.  Purchase adorably tiny bulldog clips.
5.  Map out a grid on the wall, pound in some nails, hang goals.
6.  Look at artfully arranged goals every day and start to actually accomplish them.

And!  If you’re feeling really ambitious, once you’ve accomplished something you can write about the process on the back of the card and bind your finished cards into a little book.  Lovely!

How do you stay on track with your goals?



Oooh! What a cool idea; I love this! Not sure it's something that I could use myself right now, but it'll definitely stick with me in the back of my mind for potential future use, thanks! 🙂


I have now created TWO pins from this post to add to various Pinterest boards 🙂 One for adorable tiny bulldog clips to hang things on nails easily, another for the faded white titles–hipster you may be but this would be great for the title pages and covers of some of the photobooks I've been making with photo backgrounds.

Can you explain the last photo a little bit more? Is that how you're pulling the cards into a book? I'm confused by the paper clip and rubber band combination.

Sarah Von Bargen


Thanks so much!

So the rubberband/paper clip thing. Yes, that's my binding attempt. I punched two holes in the cards, ties two rubber bands together (to make them longer), put the rubber bands through the holes and then bound them together with the paper clip. Does that make sense>

Jennifer Funk

What a great idea. Can't wait to do this. It's going up on my Pinterest account for sure. 🙂


I love this idea- I immediately began 'researching' bulldog clips! I think I could use this idea for all sorts of things so am feeling pretty excited. My fingers are itching to start hammering nails in the wall!


Ahhh, this is super cool!

I bet it would translate really well to a cork board or even a fridge for people who can't put nails in their wall. 🙂


Ahh ok I get it with the rubber ands and paper clip now. Nice, very MacGyver of you. Scrapbooking (or the cooler internet version I've discovered known as "minibook" making–check out Elise Blaha's blog if you haven't see it before) and bookbinding are additional craft hobbies I've been flirting with getting into, despite having plenty of other craft supplies already.


This is a really cute idea 🙂

The only thing I'm not so keen on is just taking images from weheartit – everything is someone else's work. You can search for creative commons licensed works on flickr (meaning they're available for people to use non commercially), which is probably a nicer way of finding photos than just taking something from weheartit which never seems to credit back properly to the original creator.

Just a thought!


This is brilliant! I'd love to incorporate it as decoration in my future home-office (once I have a home-office).


I'm definitely with Sarahmia on finding a source or privileges for the photos you're using. That you actually listed "take a photo from We Heart It" surprised me!


What an awesome idea, as a fellow list lover/goal maker/planner I think this is my favourite thing ever!


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