8 Fantastic Prints To Hang On Your Wall Immediately

Now that I’m back in my apartment and not living out of a suitcase (at least for the time being) I’ve become re-obsessed with nest-feathering and all things design and decor related. I’m currently contemplating paint colors (bright pink for the inside of the bedroom closet! matte cobalt blue for the inside of the kitchen cupboard!) but until I get my landlord’s approval, I’ll satiate my hunger with some funny, witty, pretty prints.Like these! (Click images for etsy shops and purchase info)

What are you favorite Etsy shops?Β  Where do you get cute things for your walls?



I love these! I wish we'd thought of only painting the inside of things bright colors. When we first moved into our house we wanted to make it so fun that we decided to paint every wall a different really bright color. Bad, bad, bad idea. It eventually gave us a headache and we had to paint every wall the most unimaginative blue you can imagine.

Anne At Large

I have had the bird with the french fry print sitting in my shopping cart for way too long! Maybe this will push me over the edge into buying it…

katie d.

I have the Bird with the French fry print! She's a MN artist! I also have one from here that says "Reading is Cool" with a cute-nerdy girl sitting on a pile of books. You know whose Etsy shop is my favorite!

Vanessa Vancour

I love these, especially the "beautiful ride" print, but I'd prefer a bicycle on the print.

Can you suggest any shops with clever bike posters similar to these?


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