33 New Things: Use An Underwater Camera

Each birthday I make a list of new things I want to try.  Some are
fun, some are challenging, some are head-scratchingly normal.  You can
read about previous adventures here.


You guys.  A disposable underwater camera is probably the most fun you can have for $10 this summer.  Get thee to your nearest Walgreens and snatch one up!For best results:
1) Do this with a group of friends.  Otherwise you’ll just end up taking pictures of your feet.  And weeds.  And buoys.
2) If you have multiple swimsuits, wear your most brightly colored one – it’ll show up on film heaps better.
3) On a sunny day, go to the beach (or pool) with the clearest water you can find.  Unless you’re into moody, Loch Ness-esque photos.
4)  It might be best to do this at a relatively private beach or pool.  Because not everybody is into having strangers swimming around, possibly taking pictures of their nether regions.

Have you ever taken underwater photos?



I know I have one of these hanging about somewhere, need to search it out!
I had one years and years ago and got loads of great and really funny pictures of my family underwater


Totally fun! I actually bought a case for my iphone so I could use that underwater (no waiting for film to develop). I used an aquabox, and I hear there's a "scuba suit" that just came out. I really loved it, and it was fun to take snorkeling pics on my vacation.

And this totally sounds like an ad, but it's not. I just really like the case, and I spent a lot of time shopping around to find one that works for me. A lot of underwater cases (some that I even bought, grr) don't actually work underwater; they just keep the phone dry when underwater. I appreciated the aquabox actually working underwater.

Anyway, I wholeheartedly support your fun afternoon with the underwater camera!


I took the funniest pic of my sis when we went snorkeling in Hawaii. She dove down really deep, & tried not to float up too quickly in the super-buoyant salt water. She was wearing a bright yellow snorkeling mask, but her cheeks were all puffed out like a chipmunk, because she was holding her breath & grinning. What a great pic!


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