The Overdressed Pet

It’s a well-established fact that anthropomorphism is my favorite -ism. 

I mean, it’s a tag that I put on posts.  Go head, click that link at the bottom and read other posts involving animals dressed as people.  You’re welcome.

It’s getting too warm to dress my cat Putin in his tiny pink vest, so I obviously took to Etsy to peruse the finest in pet fashions.  And then put them in a round up for you here.

links to Etsy shops embedded in photos.

What’s your stance on dressing your pet?  Awesome?  Mean?  Only if it’s cold and they’re greyhounds?



I have two boy guinea pigs – I don't think it would go down well. They try and scratch me when I put them out in their run so they can nibble on fresh grass I might find they draw blood if I try to dress them up lol.


My dog GG wears a blue parka in the winter. He's a hound mix with virtually no body fat and a fine coat with no undercoat. He loves seeing me getting it out because he knows it means he's going for a walk. I think he looks very dashing in it 😉

Years ago, I had a kitten named Snowshoe, who was a little bruiser. I got her a tee shirt with the word SECURITY emblazoned across the back, which she wore to a Halloween party.

Anyways, I LOVE the fez!


That fez is amazing. I would (almost) own a cat just for that.

The only item of pet "clothing" I have for my mutt Carmen is a running fleece for early mornings. Being that we live in Austin, it only gets used about two months out of the year. However, she doesn't leave the house without a bandana around her neck 🙂


You guys, they now have Nail Pawlish! Pedis for their paws! Cute/creepy? Depends on color choice?


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