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How was your week, guys?  I ran the Warrior Dash, finally got not-taken-on-my-phone headshots, tried four new restaurants, decided to refine my business offerings.  Busy! 
But enough about me!  Let’s talk about you, internet!There are a few here that are new to me!  50 Online Tools To Better Your Blog.

I’m always a sucker for a secret treehouse!

This conversation about marriage and relationships between 7-year-olds is The Best.

Solid perfumes are one of my must-haves and I love the ones sold at Shop Olivine.

Do you think that it’s harder to be a mom or a dad?  Here are some of the non-awesome things about being a dad.
According to commercials, moms do pretty much everything that counts in child-rearing, especially if that can be expressed through
processed food or folding laundry, while dads are embarrassing doofuses
who can’t find their balls, much less that newfangled internet cord.
Sigh. I guess I’d rather be known for cleaning anything than forgetting to change my own kid’s filled diaper.

Agreed. Why ‘Call Me Maybe’ is the best pop song of 2012.My friend Rolf wrote about why all this online talk about the show ‘Girls’ is good.
When Dunham’s Hannah character, stoned on opium tea, declares to her
parents in the pilot episode that she thinks she might be “the voice of
my generation,” the show doesn’t just lampoon the hubris of
self-involved young liberal arts graduates—it invites a real-time debate
about the inherent limitations of the phrase itself. That debate has
played out not just in feature stories by (and the reader-comment
sections of) mainstream media outlets, but on Twitter and Facebook, in
blogs and on message boards.

Helpful!  How to stay healthy while traveling.

I always thought Keanu Reeves was sort of ridiculous.  Then I read this story.

Who doesn’t love a recipe for a guilt free sweet treat?

Yessssss.  Living In: Lost In Translation.

A helpful illustration about how to kiss.

I love noticing big and small differences when I travel.  Ways that Hawaii is different from the mainland.

I have little patience for verbose writing.  Here are George Orwell’s thoughts on the subject (and how they apply to blogging).

In case you didn’t know how: How To Be A Selfish Pig.

How to be the most organized person you know.

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yikes! pumped, so pumped, to have been linked to by your blog. faaaaantastic. 🙂 thanks and thanks.


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