33 New Things: Make Marshmallows From Scratch

Every year on my birthday I compile a list of new things I want to try.  Some of these things are exciting and adventurous, some are shockingly mundane.  You can read about previous adventures here.
After The Great Turkish Delight Disappointment, I was just a bit concerned about taking on homemade marshmallows – as inadvertently creating flower-flavored translucent fudge did little to assuage my candy thermometer fears.  But!  My friend Ben assured me that marshmallows were waaaay easier than Turkish Delight.  And probably more delicious.Like most people, my only real experience with marshmallows are of the cylindrical, Jet-Puffed variety and I imagined that homemade marshmallows were best left to Martha Stewart and the ladies of Pinterest.  You guys? They’re shockingly un-hard.  Not quite easy mind you, but totally doable.  If you can make cookies, you can make marshmallows.

I won’t bore you with all the logistics so much as point you towards this recipe we used.  And really, it’s mostly just boiling things, followed by mixing things, and then adding other things slowly while the mixer is on.  (super technical terms, no?)

The best part of making marshmallows?
a) flavoring them however you want
b) having a giant pan of marshmallow in your fridge

We made vanilla marshmallows but you could, of course, go crazy-like and make butterscotch or peppermint or coconut.  And add coloring!  And then cut them into cute shapes!

Or you could just eat the not-yet-totally-set marshmallow fluff with a spoon, directly out of the pan.  You know, hypothetically.

Have you ever made marshmallows from scratch?  Any luck?



I have never tried but it looks like a whole bunch of fun – I'd make them with my foster son but he doesn't like marshmallows!!!


Yes they are easy and good of course then you have a huge pan of marshmellows that don't last as long as the bagged kind. You could have a smores party or melt them back into rice krispy treats.


I have made marshmallows, and it was super fun! I made some awesome minty mallows. My first attempt killed my hand mixer though 🙂


I've always wanted to try! I saw a cute idea for christmas gifts using homemade marshmallows. I can't wait to try!


Oh man! I've tried to make marshmallows a grand total of 3 times and they were all failures (though the last time it was just a case of not setting properly). I think my problem is I tried to make them with veggie gelatin and I must have got my measurements way out. These look awesome- maybe it's time for me to try again… 🙂


I have also had nothing but failure trying to make vegan marshmallows at home. I'm probably gonna try some old fashion marshmallows just to convince myself I can do it.

Eliza Fournier

I work in a bakery and as a special summer treat we've been making "Homemade S'more Kits". I've made tons and tons of marshmallows and the homemade chocolate and graham cookie wafers. So much fun. I love my job!


This looks veerrry yuuummy! I have mydentures on so I'd like to ask… if I make one for myself… Will it stick? Is it stickier than those sold in packs at the grocery stores?


I am not a marshmallow fan. But I got a book with a recipe to make them and tried. Well, 1) it was way easier than expected 2) so much better than the one you buy.
You make me wanna bake some again !


I made some peppermint marshmallows last year and they were delicious. It is such a fun easy thing to make and totally impresses people!


I've made marshmallows several times. This past holiday season I made them, my mom made graham crackers and we got some really good chocolate and gave little s'more gift bags as gifts. They were a huge hit!


I made marshmallows as part of a Smore's kit for my family last year- the homemade marshmallows were great for smore's because they were square! And they were delicious, and not too hard to make…although I did think I was going to be mixing them forever!


Try blending some strawberries or blueberries and adding them. Instant AMAZING! Mine always turn out a tad damp but I love eating them all anyways – hooray sugar! And Iris – I want to try honey ones now!!


We made marshmallows at school when I was about nine. My only memories of it include colouring my batch hot pink and feeling very nauseated on the walk home from school.


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