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Friends!  I’m in Northern Ireland!  I’m staying with a friend 30 minutes outside Belfast, in a little cottage overlooking the sea.  Everything is painfully picturesque and old and oddly wholesome.  I feel like an extra in a period drama, drinking my tea and nibbling my oatcake with cheese and considering the swallows and the apple tree.  The roads really are perilously narrow and the fields really are achingly green.  Photos and more updates to come next week!

Anyway! Links!
12 most striking tendencies of creative people – do any of these apply to you?

I’d like all these rings, please.

I like this advice from Fred Rogers about watching the news.

As the child of two public school teachers (and a former teacher myself) I appreciated this post.
Imagine having a job that required you to work 10 hours a day (plus weekends), though society thought you only worked 6 (and spent your weekends working on your tan). Imagine teaching a someone who was born with cocaine in his system so there is a twenty second delay for him to understand any instruction you give him. Every. Instruction. Imagine having him and 4 other students in the class with ADHD- plus a boy who refuses to speak due to actions he’s witnessed at home and one more, a girl who is deaf and you have to teach them all algebra. Get started. Low test scores mean you aren’t doing your job, didn’t you hear?

Patterned photograph mat DIY – what a clever idea!

Helpful!  A good, effective, thrifty beauty routine.

Here are those tiny crochet animals you were looking for.

A good reminder about the decisions you make.

Good advice on starting fights with loved ones.

Advice on cooking ahead of time – smart, healthy, cheap.  Done.

If you like antiques and/or all things vintage (um, who doesn’t?) check out this online sale.  It’s one of my shirt-tail relatives so I can personally vouch for the awesomeness of everything!

Don’t we all love watching someone do something they love?

Good advice on managing a college/life balance:
As we move from school to careers, to managing households, the time crunch doesn’t usually get much better post-college. School might seem like a drain now but if you have a very strict schedule and a very limited amount of time to complete particular tasks, you’ll find a way to make it happen. That drive to follow through with the seemingly impossible in a short window of time will come in handy later in your job.

What type of Olympic sport are you suited for?

Good advice on how to write.
Never use three words when one will do. Be concise. Don’t fall in love with the gentle trilling of your mellifluous sentences.
photo by nickm photography,  for sale here


rain ::

i want you to know that i LOVE this series you do so much. it brings so much life to me. please never stop!!!!


enjoy ireland! wow!!!


Hope you are loving Ireland and thank you for linking to Smart Pretty and Awkward, Sarah! Happy Sunday! xo


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