Notes From The Road: Iceland

I’m spending six weeks traveling through Ireland/Sweden/Poland/Iceland/NYC visiting friends and clients and bakeries.  You can read about past travel adventures here or learn how I manage long-term solo travel here and here.

photos courtesy of my boyfriend and the talented Meredith Westin

Here are two things you should know about Iceland:
1.  It is magical
2.  It is so expensive you will find yourself calculating and re-calculating the exchange rate and thinking “No.  Wait.  Surely I didn’t just pay $18 for two slices of mediocre cake, right? Right?!”

But you did.

But it sort of doesn’t matter.  Because where else can you lay on cushions of geothermally warmed moss and befriend shaggy little horses and eat something called ‘bread soup‘ which seemed to be mashed up, sweetened, moistened rye bread, topped with a mound of whipped cream.   You can go to a phallus museum, see a million waterfalls and geysers, and warm yourself in the sulfer-scented waters of The Blue Lagoon.

You could also spend a week night drinking and dancing with actual Icelanders to your new favorite song and admiring their Bjork-esque fashion sense and Style Parkas.

You know.  If you wanted to replicate our itinerary.

Next up: New York!  In Autumn!  The actual best, no?


Little redhead

Oh my, I just realised what those things in the jars must be :p slightly gross !
Iceland looks wonderful, definitely on my to go to list. So very beautiful and quiet.
Too bad it's so expensive! I live in Belgium and it costs about the same the fly to the States as it does to fly to Iceland.


I have a friend from Iceland who was just in the states visiting me a few weeks ago, I can't wait to go see her there. She always talks about how expensive everything there is, when she comes to America she buys an entire wardrobe of clothes to take back with her because it's so much cheaper. I actually did a blog post about her recently too!

Amber Goodenough

Wow, Iceland looks just as cold as I imagined. But beautiful all the same. I've never really decided if Iceland was on my "must see before I die" list…but I might have to make a stop. If only for the phallus museum. Thanks for a great post and travel guide.


Yay, New York!
I'm sure you have everything planned to the moment, but if you want cool fun stuff in Brooklyn, or a good lunch place, I can hook you up!

-Abby (in NY. Duh)


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