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What did turn-of-the-20th-century-Parisians imagine France would look like in the year 2000? Lots of flying machines apparently.The 10 best back to school sandwiches – I’m intrigued by this ‘banana cream’ sandwich!  And peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough bites.

What’s it like to live in one of China’s many megalopolises?  Not good.
As the traveler exits a train station, a woman hawks instant
noodles and packaged chicken feet from a dingy metal cart, in front of concrete
steps emptying out into a square flanked by ramshackle hotels and massed with
peasants sitting on artificial cobblestones and chewing watermelon seeds. The air
smells of coal. Then the buildings appear: Boxlike structures, so gray as to
appear colorless, line the road.

I’d wish I’d read this super cute travel site about Dublin before I went there.

I knew zero of these clever Googling tricks.

Want to succeed in journalism?  Can’t afford to take an unpaid internship?

The Not Your Baby app gives you snarky, clever replies to street harassment and solid advice about dealing with sexual harassment from a variety of people in a variety of situations.

Yes.  Inbox Pause.

I flew six hours from Reykjavik to New York and had to buy my own snacks.  The indignity!  I should have read this post about BYO airplane food.

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Ok, so I totally love that "in the future" we live underwater and ride seahorses and have fish racing and take a whale bus. Oh, and fish for seagulls (?!).

I wonder if things were supposed to get bigger or we were supposed to get smaller…


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