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I had a tough week, friends.  There was a lot of Parks and Rec watching and yoga-pant wearing and googling of HMTL while cursing.  But there were bright spots!  Making lots of apple-based desserts, being supported by my amazing friends, walks on bluffs that overlook the city, and an unexpected (and deeply appreciated) flower arrangement.  Into every life a little rain must fall, no?
Anyway!  Enough with the whining.  Links.How cute is this cheeky print?

A cute idea to make life more fun – and make you feel pretty.
Have you heard of Buy4?  It’s a way to leverage your online spending to support the causes that are important to you.
I loved Kate’s post about being earnest in a snarky world.
All of the best and the brightest are making fun of everyone else. Being
sarcastic at the speed of light. Wit is a weapon, it’s a fortress, it’s
a precise surgical instrument, it’s a badge of honor.
Danielle has some great thoughts about life + career in your twenties.
Having gaps in your resume is
considered undesirable. When people ask you what you’re doing, it is
implicit that “nothing” is not an acceptable answer. Yet your life’s
purpose won’t reveal itself to you when you’re constantly in the midst
of mundane tasks or doing things just because you’re supposed to.
Good advice for approaching a blogger, a mentor, or just someone you admire.
Nursing an grudge/wound/excuse?  Read this.
There are those among us whose trauma is so monumental
that we need to put it in a separate category and grant generous empathy + kindheartedness.
But for the most part? The wounds that we have had in our life are much, much smaller than that. And these wounds are certainly not big enough for you to put the breaks on +  stop pursuing your goals, passions +  ever developing mojo.
Yes!  It is possible for two people to live in a studio apartment (on a student budget) and have an adorable space.
If you like the look of taxidermy but don’t want, um, dead animals in your house.
I’m pretty sure this ring needs to be part of my life.



All week long, I've been thinking about the way people can't even give sincere compliments without adding sarcasm or a bite of wit. I'm so tired of reading well-meaning Facebook comments on friends' pictures that say, "You're so pretty…FOR A GIRL" or "Wow. You look great! Times have changed since middle school, eh?" It bothers me when people have to pair a sweet compliment with a salty punch to get a laugh. Just say something nice and mean it, right? Thanks for adding Kate's link! I completely understand that feeling.

Anh Le

I love the studio apartment link. Chic, simple and so lovely. Also the blog post from "smart, pretty and awkward" is quite interesting 🙂 Hope you a better week!


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