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Hello, internet! I’m Erin from Gingero.us. I blog about things I love and my journey to make my life and yours just a little bit more awesome in a million little ways. I live in Pennsylvania with my boyfriend, two cats and a ridiculous dog. I’m a vegetarian, science fiction nerd, I drink a boatload of coffee and I eat peanut butter right out of the jar like it ain’t no thing.
Are you excited for fall? Because I’m totally not. I am a child of summer and I wish it would last forever. Maybe you too? Here are 10 green ways to get excited about fall.

What are our possessions, really, but a bunch of promises?

I am terrible, absolutely terrible, at finding my way out of dull, awkward and otherwise objectionable conversations. As such, I’m usually the one stuck humoring the creeper in any social situation. Believe me when I say I will be carefully studying this primer on making a graceful exit.

From the department of “Seriously, We Could Have Told You That,” it looks like separating classrooms by gender is not actually helpful to anyone.

How far would you go to protect your child from bullies?

Dinosaurs will always be awesome.

As an enthusiastic penny pincher, I sometimes turn down opportunities for fun because fun has a bothersome tendency to cost money. Elyse Renae writes an excellent reminder about trusting that everything will work out if we just say Yes.

This story about street harassment (or in this case, train harassment) is hard to stomach and I wanted to cry for this woman and what she went through. These stories are so much more common than people realize, and it is so so so important that we continue to tell them. (NSFW, violent language)

36 wonderfully thoughtful tips for artful living.

I am jealous of ladies who can wear fragrance because I have an allergy attack if I even think about perfume. But for the rest of you, here’s some useful guidelines on picking the right scent for you.

Bloggers, does your well runneth dry? Here are 8 great suggestions for finding blogging inspiration.

I am awesome at coming up with rock your socks right the eff off ideas for blog posts. I am not so hot at remembering them. Because I fail to write things down and my memory is hot garbage. So I will for sure be following some of these very smart techniques for organizing your blog.

Metro is a magical short film about a girl and a fox. Watch it.

image by Julie Davis, for sale here.



What a fun post Erin!
Found some new sources of inspiration. It is great to see
how many like minded people are out there.
I appreciate you including me, too. :]
To the GoodLife! Cheers!


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