List 11: Things I Love That Are Not Age Appropriate

A million years ago I contributed to a now-defunct blog called The
Secret Society of List Addicts.  This post originally appeared there.

We all have a few things we love that are a bit out
of our age bracket, right? (I’m looking at you, My Little Ponies). But
oddly, my weaknesses tend a bit more towards the octogenarian set.
Examples?The Lawrence Welk Show
Yes. I’m not even being an ironic hipster here. I genuinely love this
slice of Americana. Those outfits! The dancing! The group singing! I
love Welk’s thick Midwestern accent. I love the bubbles at the beginning
of the show. I love it when the cameras pan the audience who are
dressed exclusively in polyester pants suits. It’s all so sweet and
wholesome and, I think, genuinely entertaining.Beets

And not just because they turn your pee pink! I love a nice beet pesto or a salad of beets and goat cheese. Root vegetables – not just for your grandma!Cabbage

love to slice it up and saute it with a bit of olive oil and heaps of
garlic. And yes, I’m sure my neighbors love it when I cook this.Bingo
totally not being a hipster here. I have been known to suggest the
bingo halls of rural Minnesota as a first date locale and then force my
date to mingle with the blue hairs while we search for B7.

I am quietly amassing quite the collection which I shamelessly attempt to match to the outfit I’m wearing. They’re useful and cute!

What are your age-inappropriate loves?

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My boyfriend and I always get age inappropriate gifts for birthdays and whatnot, like water guns or nerf guns, and then have a grand ole time shooting each other and running around the house or yard until we're laughing silly and all kissy with each other. Acting like little kids brings us closer together every time! In fact, if we get too serious, one of us will often grab a super soaker to lighten the mood.


I LOVE BINGO! Seriously! I think it's ok though because it's a very British thing to like.

Talc! i just love a nice talc and I know that makes me like an old woman but there we go!


I was a wee bit obsessed with The Lawrence Welk Show back in the day! I had my parents sign me up for accordion lessons when I was in 3rd grade because of watching that show 😉

Salvaged Strawberry

Ahh! I used to watch Lawrence Welk with my grandparents. This brings back such good memories. As far as my UNage-appropriate loves: going to bed at 9:30, wearing cardigan clips, rocking vintage gramma cardigans, and, of course, listening to my favorite oldies on vinyl. 🙂


rice pudding. and not like, trendy rice pudding (there is a whole store of rice pudding in nyc called "rice to riches", no thank you, fancy soho pudding) cheap, diner rice pudding with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top. i love it.


I grew up watching Lawrence Welk with my dad and brothers every weekend. I think my dad was completely mystified as to why I loved it so much, but DUDE the costumes, the bubbles, that guy with the accordian!

Other age-inapproriate loves:

-Old: Listening to A Prairie Home Companion
-Old: A love of The Dick Van Dyke show. Rose Marie hits it out of the park.
-Young: I still want a Lisa Frank denim jacket.


I love all those things. I watched the Lawrence Welk show with my grandparents and sisters when I was a kid and I collect vintage aprons. I hang them as decoration in my kitchen.


Three piece suits, fedoras, and pocket watches. I love feeling like I could walk on the set of Mad Men and fit right in.


Dean Martin, banjos, words like "gobbledegook" and "reckon", nodding off while sitting upright at communal gatherings, knitting. basically, i'm 80.

Alicia @ The Humble Foodie

This list makes me feel SO much better. My friends always tease me for loving granny things- crochet, completely antiquated vocabulary, falling asleep after 10pm regardless of my location, and cooking incredibly healthy food and then inquiring whether friends are eating enough vegetables. I'll be roasting beets tonight, so you aren't the only one!


I'm an 85 year old woman with the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy. Ideal Saturday nights include NPR, a pot of tea and a jigsaw – but today I giggled when my language teacher gave an example of "with girls, on girls, in girls" when verbally demonstrating prepositions. I also complain about hooligans, racket and whatnot. I can feel the weather in my knee… wow, this could go on and on. :)I ramble like an old person too!


I have always thought that I am an 80 year old woman trapped in a much younger body. I also love Lawrence Welk and aprons, as well as the Jumble word puzzle in the newspaper and walnettos (aka walnut caramels, or old people candy).


I love beets. Sometimes, I think I'm the only one that enjoys sitting down with some beets. I pickle them though. Full of iron!


Cabbage and turnips are my favorite vegetables! I also love bingo (although my boyfriend won't let me play at the VFW anymore because I get carried away and spend too much money…). I also listen to NPR pretty much exclusively. And not just This American Life. I also love long underwear. I'm pretty sure I could think of about 20 other things….


People's Court! Bonus points because my ex-girlfriend's grandma introduced me to it–we used to watch together while she was getting ready. Then I graduated to watching it on my own. While knitting, obv.


Young: Coloring (word!), playing dress-up (with my tiara), wearing nine colors at once.
Old: Agatha Christie! Both the books and the movies (with David Suchet as Poirot and Joan Dickson as Miss Marple, natch. Accept no substitutions). Also, Dorothy Sayers mysteries, crossword puzzles, knitting, prunes, drinking hot water with lemon and honey, hot water bottles, grumbling about the lack of clothing on kids these days.

laura fox gill

things I enjoy that are 'too young' for me include: colouring books, cutting and sticking, sweets that double up as toys, childrens books! things I enjoy that are 'too old' for me include: getting angry at loud drunk people after 11pm, knitting, baking instead of going to the pub! x


Oh gosh, I'm such a fogey… especially because of foods: brussels sprouts, liver and onions, stew, plain yogurt (OK this is now trendy among the healthsters, but definitely did not used to be!). I think it's because my mom always served me all of the above so for me those are actually my childhood comfort foods. I also love me some needlepoint.
P.S. I once led a promotion for the Game Show Network that involved sending prize packs to church bingo halls… so of COURSE I had to "test drive" by making my colleague go play bingo with me in the middle of the workday. Cha-ching!


I looove lame old-people foods: brussels sprouts, cabbage, turnip, kale, stewed prunes… I am currently OBSESSED with beets. I've bought 10 pounds of them this past week!

I also wear a TON of cardigans and love reading.


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