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In this season of overwhelming political ads and heightened emotions, let’s take a minute to appreciate some trulyhilarious political signs.


Have you ever gone to a protest?  Or carried made a political sign?  I love that someone added the ‘Vote No’ sign to downtown Minneapolis’s Mary Tyler Moore statue!links to original photo sources embedded in photos.



My one and only protest was at Elizabeth Edwards' funeral and it was a counter to Westboro Baptist Church spewing their hate. Most of the signs on our side were on the positive side, but my favorite was one that just said "cool story, bro!" and the guy was using it to photobomb Westboro and other people. It brought some much needed levity to the situation.


I went to a bunch while in France and they were awesome! My uni went on strike for around 8 weeks and it was certainly an experience. Civics Classes in the town square? Yes please! I think I learned a heck of a lot more about French culture going to them than in classes. But the best sign was a 50 foot banner some of my friends painted and rolled down the side of a parking garage on the march route. It was MASSIVE.


In Ireland, in the 90's there was a programme called Fr. Ted, (it was made in Ireland but shown on UK TV) – Its super dooper funny and there is one episode where they have a protest and Fr Ted and Fr Dougal each have a sign. One says "Careful now" and the other sign says "Down with this sorta thing!" – These two signs and this episode is so famous now, that you will always find someone with these signs at a student protest in Ireland. Check out Fr.Ted, there are always re-runs on and you wont be dissapointed!

The other sign I once saw and loved said "I was so angry I made a sign!" – Brilliant!



I have to tell you that I actually came to your blog to check out pictures of your cat in a vest. Can you please direct me to where it is?

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