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How was your week, guys?
I seemed to have lunch or drinks with every single friend I’ve ever made, had a promising meeting with a cool marketing company, and watched my cousin tie the knot in South Dakota. You know what they say: Ain’t no party like a Sioux Falls party.Enough about me!  Let’s talk about you, internet!

50 States In 50 Photos.  Interesting!Oooohh!  What is it like to date or marry a fashion model?
Ultimately though, the most frustrating thing about the whole experience
is that despite being absolutely drop-dead gorgeous (some models look
“strange,” while others are more conventionally beautiful, and she was
one of the conventionally beautiful ones), she became increasingly
insecure and worried about her “declining” looks. To give you an idea of
what this is like, imagine someone who is literally better looking than
anyone else you know or ever meet on the street. Not only this but they
are, by dint of their profession, an expert in terms of how to dress
and apply makeup, so you are basically dating a walking Photoshop

I totally have An Opinion about these blog posts: Slow fading out of a relationship and Being financially supported by your family at age 32.  My opinion?  Suck.it.up.

Wash your bras and thongs in a salad spinner?

Oh, to be in fifth grade again. (Except, no.  I totally don’t want to go back to having a triangle perm and jankity teeth.)

Are you a cowboy or a farmer?

F. Scott Fitzgerald grew up just a few blocks from where I live now.  I love his response to hate mail.

Dear Bob:
Your letter riled me to such an extent that I’m answering immediately.
Who are all these ‘real people’ who ‘create business and politics’? and
of whose approval I should be so covetous? Do you mean grafters who
keep sugar in their ware houses so that people have to go without or the
cheap-jacks who by bribery and high-school sentiment manage to control

This room perfectly epitomizes my aesthetic of ‘fancy weirdo.’

I imagine that every day would be better if you wore these underwear.

Lovely.  Photo projects that nourish the soul.

Helpful!  What To Pack (Other Than Clothes)

I’d love to live in a converted space.  Check out these old school building that have been turned into homes and apartments!

A good quote to remember when you’re feeling down.

A perfume that smells like waffle?  Or laundromat?  Or swimming pool?  I am 100% down.

My girl Laura is giving away one of her purses each day this month.  And they’re usually priced between $65-130.  Get over and win one!

Edamame dumplings?  Yes, please!image by caleb and lynsey, for sale here


Heather Thorkelson

i love these. and on the flip side, i once dated a male model named Miguel. he was stupidly hot, but also…erm…rather stupid too. the worst part is that because he was hot he was used to girls throwing themselves at him and not having to make much effort (he liked me because i didn't give him the time of day and he had to woo me…haha!) but the not-make-much-effort part i soon discovered, translated into sad times in the bedroom. what a let down!


I'm really considering committing myself to a photo project. I think it would be really rewarding. And I most definitely want to stay in a hotel that was once a schoolhouse. That is about the coolest thing ever!

Sarah @ Marvelous-Darling

Those XOJane articles made me want to punch someone. 32, living off of your working-class parents? I'm 21 and can't wait to be making enough to not ask my parents (who are in a fine place financially) for help! And I would never, ever let a friend buy me groceries.


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