Gifting Like A Hippie (Or: Supporting Socially Responsible Companies This Holiday Season)

Things that are awesome:giving someone the perfect gift

Things that are even more awesome: giving someone the perfect gift that also happens to be socially responsible.
Instead of giving you guys a perfectly curated gift guide of Jane Austen scented candlesand awesome cat sweatshirtsI thought I’d do a round up for companies that sell fantastic things and also happen to give back.
Organically grown cotton.  Polyester made from recycled water bottles. Low impact dyes. Partners with the International Rescue Committee and the Natural Resource Defense Council. Free shipping + free returns.  Amazing, right?  And they have cute, reasonably priced clothing! I love this sheer grey top (on sale for $15!) and this comfy-looking dress (on sale for $30.)
For each clothing item you purchase through Twice As Warm, they donate a new clothing item to someone in need – great for the cold winter months! I particularly like their striped beanie.
These watches are so cool, I’d want one even if they didn’t partner with American Forests to plant a tree for every watch purchased.  And each piece is made without toxic or artificial materials – great for people who are allergic to types of metal.  Isn’t the Jupiter Beige sexy?
Affordable cosmetics that aren’t tested on animals and donate 20% of proceeds to stop human trafficking.  Sold.  This gel liner looks awesome (wouldn’t that blue be fun?)  and I love their peachy ‘Reef’ lipstick.
Part artisan showcase, part microloan provider, this site allows you to “forge a personal connection with these same artisans through purchases and loans
that allow them the opportunity to live with dignity while ensuring that they can
continue to practice their traditional crafts.”  Isn’t that lovely?  Almost as lovely as this decorative box.
Do you consider a company’s policies before buying from them?  I try, but sometimes I just want that really cute lamp from Urban Outfitters, ya know? Share links to your favorite socially responsible companies in the comments!
PS: more socially responsible companies here.



I'm giving money to my best friend, who's starting a fair trade and equitable clothing online business, to help with start-up costs. I know she's going to be super psyched and I'm super happy to support her endeavors.


I must admit that sometimes I buy where ever, but I've taken more care in the last year to support local, handmade, and places that give back. As a indy business owner I've asked the people what they care about and realized they really do care about where their money goes. This is my company:

Reinvented By Me: uses mostly organic and upcycled materials. Many of the materials come from non-profits thrift shops that support AA, NA, sober living houses, at-risk youth groups, Cancer research, and the AIDS Alliance. 5% of sales also are donated to the Tibetan Nun Project.

I also like:
Craftwitch She uses found wood to make amazing crochet hooks.
Sazanka Designs Uses upcycled komos to make jewelry


Looove the brand Threads for Thought! Discovered them randomly while shopping at N. Rack a few years ago and got the softest, most comfy tank. Wanted the tank in another color and couldn't find it when I went back to the Rack 🙁
Thanks for sharing these sites with us Sarah:)


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