Super Awesome, Totally Doable DIY Gifts

This was originally posted in 2009. 

So we’ve established that we loving giving non-stuff gifts, right? But sometimes, the holidays call for something a bit more stuff-ish than non-stuff. And I don’t know about you, but I would rather gouge my eye out with a grapefruit spoon than deal with the mall this time of year.So DIY it is! But we don’t go in for macaroni necklaces and god’s eyes here at Yes and Yes. No, sir. Here are some DIY gifts that your friends and family will L-O-V-E.

For the ladies in your life

For kiddos

  • This mobile proves that nurseries don’t have to be a mess of teddy bears and ruffles.
  • I have fond memories of making these scribble cookies as a child. And fighting the urge not to eat them.
  • You know how you give a kid a million dollar toy and they spend the next hour playing with the bubble wrap? These simple and cute toys fill that same need.
  • These finger puppets are too cute for words.
  • Stuffed animals made from your old sweaters.

For your lov-ah

For animal nerds

For your traveler

  • Help your traveler find their luggage faster with these cute luggage tags
  • Being abroad during the holidays can be hard. Record podcast of you and your friends rehashing funny stories. Your traveler can put it on when they’re feeling homesick.
  • Hardcore backpackers swear by stuff sacks, little nylon bags used to divide backpack contents. Lucky for you, they’re super easy to make.

For anybody cool enough to be getting a gift from you

What are your favorite DIY gifts? Leave links in the comments!

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Sarah, I used to love your blog and read it everyday. I could tell you used to love writing it too. For the past year or so, it seems like you have been disinterested in it, like its more of a requirement for your business and 'good blogging etiquette'. Please bring back your own style to it! Less filler and not so exciting articles about Christians waiting to have sex. Thanks!

Sarah Von Bargen

Hi Anon,

I'm sorry you feel that way. Of course I still love writing, which is why I do it every day. In addition to writing, I love introducing my readers to other bloggers they might like or whose fashion sense they might appreciate. I like sharing expats' and locals' knowledge of their countries. I like interviewing people about interesting and important things that have happened to them – and hearing the discussion surrounding those topics. As of right now, there are 55 comments on the post you referenced – I don't think that qualifies as 'not so exciting.'

The biggest thing I'm trying to accomplish with Yes and Yes is to build and support a community of interesting, engaged, smart, kind people – and I don't think that I need to write about myself (or post exclusively about my own life and experiences) to do that.


I'm sure it wasn't meant in any negative tone, but the disclaimer at the top did come off a little barbed. =(


One year my friend and I made cook books for all our other friends, with their signature dishes, cooking cheats and some in-joke recipes. Everyone seemed to love it 🙂


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