The sweetest jewelry you’ll ever meet


This week’s RSS feed is brought to you by the letter C and probably the sweetest, most ego-boosting jewelry you’ll ever own.  Compliment is a California-based handmade jewelry line that pairs sweet, affordable pieces with a compliment of your choosing.  So you can give your mom these gorgeous earrings and a card that reads “You are amazing.”  Or you can give your BFF this white agate ring and a card that says “You are the funniest person I know.”  Isn’t that great?
Even better, founder Melissa Magliola is a high school teacher who wants to give back, so 5% of every purchase goes to a scholarship fund.  Fantastic!  Of course, you can follow Compliment on Facebook or Twitter.


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Melissa is one of my best friends, and I have several rings and earrings, and I can attest to the quality of the pieces AND the awesomeness of the business. She is wonderful. I love seeing her featured on your blog!!!


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