9 Days of Nice: Send a Care Package To a Soldier

I’m spending the next nine days being as nice as I, personally, am capable of being.  I’d love it if you played along!  You can check out our plans here, paste your photos on the Yes and Yes Facebook page, send me your related blog posts, or hashtag it out with #9daysofnice.

Well, this was so easy I’m embarrassed I didn’t do it sooner.

Here’s what you do:

2. Choose a soldier and read about what they’d like to receive (I chose a lady soldier who likes snacks.  Because I, too, am a lady who likes snacks.)
3.  Buy the items on the list, buy one of those flat rate boxes at the post office, send it off.
That’s it!  Initially I thought “Really?  You’re thousands of miles from home and you want trail mix and Sweetarts?”  But then I remembered how, as an expat in New Zealand, I just about lost my mind when my mom sent over some dry ranch dressing mix.  Sweettarts it is, Private.  It does my heart good to imagine women in uniform sharing a box of Nerds while they drive a tank or clean their night vision goggles.


Have you ever sent (or received!) care packages while abroad?  What did want in them?  If you’re taking part in 9 Days of Nice and writing about it, be sure to send me your links!



I just sent a teensy care package to my brother deployed in Afghanistan. I downloaded several weeks' worth of his favorite podcasts (and a few of mine) to a thumb drive so he could listen to them before bed.


As a girl who was deployed overseas (Afghanistan), I can't tell you how much something small, like a care package of sweets and snacks, means to you. Being surrounded by a male dominated army, with dirt, grim and trucks (for my job at least), makes you want just a little bit of home! It was always nice to get a care package, take a little break with my fellow female soldiers, and indulge in snacks I just couldn't get over there! I promise they appreciate the care package!!


how do you go about sending a package? is it very expensive? and can you send it directly to the soldier?

Katie Lee

I can't believe how easy that is. I think I would want Oreos, because….well they're awesome. I'm going to find a soldier and send them some Oreos.


I love Any Soldier! I have sent a few care packages through them. Unfortunately the last one was returned, which is kind of a difficult part of using the site, but the responses were very grateful. It feels great to know that you are supporting someone in the armed forces, who is far from home and missing out on simple comforts like candy and comfy socks.


I used that site a number of years ago to write a letter to a lady soldier, but I think a care package is now in order as well. Any Soldier is awesome.


LOVING this. Totally going to do it. And it will give me a reason to buy candy for someone besides myself. Not that I'm going to stop doing that. That would just be crazy.

Jenn Rowell

Thanks for this one too! I come from a big military family, my boyfriend was deployed to Iraq for six months while we were together and I write about the military for a newspaper. The troops appreciate it and so do their families, knowing people care.


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