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What’d you get up to this week, guys?  I did some writing for a client from Monaco (!), headed north to hang with my family before my big trip south, and danced it up at the Forever Young dance party.  So good.Enough about me!  Let’s talk about links!


This blog will make you love even your most annoying co-worker.
Hammerhead: I got me this bag of Philadelphia cream cheese packets at Costco last night. 50 count! It’s my new snack.
Me: Cream cheese? All by itself?
Hammerhead: Yeah. You know how I’m on Atkins? Got no carbs. I eat it like this. (She rips open a packet and squirts it into her mouth.)
Not as depressing as it sounds: You Are Going To Die.
Well, this is adorable: Al Roker fan-girling over Joe Biden.
If those five day juice detoxes are a bit too brutal for you, here’s an M.D.-designed 3-day winter detox that includes Actual Food.
My wife, Carole, handed me an iPhone. I’d never held a modern cellphone, and I didn’t understand how to use it. Carole showed me how to access a code that would unlock the phone and taught me how to place a call. While she drove, I used the phone to call my extended family. Everyone was in tears of joy, in disbelief that my time in prison had truly come to an end. Every second felt surreal, better than I could’ve ever imagined. I ate a pizza while Carole drove. I still feel the chills running through my body as I think about that moment.
I haaaate it when women lie about their ages.  Who cares?  Nobody cared until you made that awkward joke about this being your fifth 29th birthday.  Why I Don’t Lie About My Age.
Pretty sure this is the best way to make baked potatoes.  And I should have brought this buffalo cauliflower with yogurt dipping sauce to that Superbowl party.  Annnnnd apple/cinnamon-infused whiskey.
I don’t understand why people hate Anne Hathaway.  I think she’s lovely!
It so happens that both Jackman and Hathaway hosted the Oscars. Did anyone accuse Jackman—who spent the whole evening crooning and pirouetting across the stage—of trying too hard? For some reason today’s Hathaway haters frequently cite her hosting performance as fodder for how everyone came to hate her, even though at the time nearly everyone agreed that it was James Franco—not to mention the night’s flailing producers—that really left her out to dry.
Yes. 32 of life’s most underrated activities. I particularly love 9 through11.
Hope you had a great weekend!



Oh my gosh I hate when women get all weird about their ages too. I have to make people fill out consent forms every day, and there's always that lady who half-jokingly asks "Do I HAVE to write how old I am?" or they'll write something like "Old enough". WHO THE HELL CARES?? haha

lauren claire | rebuild (health + home)

I love that clip of Al! Made me smile. I never got the whole "lying about your age" thing. I get excited about getting older! Maybe that will change years down the line, but I still can't ever see myself pulling one of those cutesy one liners in response to a question about age. Also, I hadn't seen that McSweeny's essay! Thanks!

Kaitlin Marie

Particularly loved the Hammerhead chronicles! Hilarious! And I might give that detox method a try…

Plus, this one of the 32 of Life's Most Underrated Activities ought to be your favorite, right?

"24. Saying “yes” to somebody – doesn’t matter what they’re asking of you, something about being able to say “yes” is pleasant."


I'll bet some of you will rethink the age-fudging thing when you're older. I used to think the same thing when I was in my 20s and 30s!


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