Yes Spaces: Amy of ‘Starfruit Cafe’

This is one of several Yes Spaces interviews in which we snoop through the homes of my real life and internet friends who have used ingenuity and budgets to create sweet living spaces.

This tour comes from Amy of Starfruit Cafe fame.   She lives in San Francisco where she’s
a software engineer at Her favorite color is mint green,
and when she’s not riding her bike, she enjoys using it as decor.Internet homes: blog // twitter
Length of time in home: 2 years
Who do you share your home with?
I share my home with: out of town friends who come visit or local friends who want to have a girly sleepover!
What are the three things you love most about your space?
1. Light! so much natural light
2. French doors that close to separate bedroom from living room, or open to make the apartment feel more roomy
3. Big Kitchen

What’s the least awesome, must-work-around aspect of your space?

Whoever laid out the kitchen put the fridge in an odd place– the door rubs against the window frame any time you open it– and this has resulted in the handle falling off.

Tell us the story behind one of your favorite pieces in your space?
Once while living in Tokyo, I got food poisoning and feel and sprained my ankle and knee in one afternoon. My friend Erek came over with homemade apple sauce, a giant goomba (like a get well bear but you know, awesomer), and cables and an adaptor for my super nintendo so we could play mario kart. Once I got better, we had a goomba stomp fest near Nakano station. So that’s how I ended up with a giant goomba plush! (For the record, they are as stompable as they appear).

What are some of the DIYs you’ve tried here?
DIY teepee from A Beautiful Mess!

What’s the strangest place you’ve found stuff for your home?
ALL the furniture in my apartment comes from IKEA, but as for
decorations– I have a stuffed robot from the convenience store inside
of the HONDA research building in Wako-shi, Japan.

What are your top five sources for design inspiration?
1. The Selby
3. Finnish interior design
4. Hello Sandwich 
5. Martha Stewart Living

Thanks so much for sharing, Amy!



I switched my door once too but then the spring broke because we flipped it, so be careful! But for the 3 months that it was switched, it was life changing!

PS I love all the light in your apartment!


Did you know…it's pretty easy to switch what side of the door the fridge handles are on? The Internet is an amazing place 🙂


I love the bookshelves full of toys and stuffed animals! I lived in Japan for three years and definitely collected my fair share of UFO catcher and gachapon toys. Sitting them amongst the books is a really cute idea.


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