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Twin Cities, FTW!
A snippet from my week:


Cute girl at the liquor store: Wow! You smell great! Is that Gucci?”
Me: “Nope. It’s some air freshener that I bought at the co-op and sprayed on myself. But, um, it’s not an aerosol or anything. I mean it’s a spray bottle. It’s not as weird as I just made it sound.”
You guys, I think the takeaway here is that I smell expensive.
Anyway! Links!


We all love free stuff, so I put together a page in my menu bar of all my $0 worksheets, mini-ebooks, ebook samples, and tom foolery. Have a click around!
I know we all love Macklemore’s Thrift Shop. May I recommend The Gossip’s Dimestore Diamond as well?
Don’t you think all your clothes would look cuter hanging on this? Or this?
Sometimes it feels good to do something pure and uncynical just because you want to. Sometimes it feels good to stop pretending to be cooler than you are. I was just chatting with a friend about this tour and she said, “In high school I felt like I was supposed to like Daria and stuff more than I liked ‘N Sync, but I REALLY LIKED ‘N SYNC.” Pop music is fun (and it’s also “real music,” dum-dums, so shut uuuuuup).
Is it sacrilegious to say that I like Jack Donaghy more than Liz Lemon? Here are some of his most memorable pieces of wisdom.
Once I set my mind on something I have to accomplish it. Ten years ago I was one and a half inches shorter than I am today. Pure will-power.
Ohhhhhh goddddddd. Worst nightmare.
Download this app. Now. Do it.
– One of your friends insists you’d probably be sorted into Hufflepuff. The worst part is that when pressed, she can’t give you any decent reasons why; it’s just her “gut feeling.”
– You suddenly remember the end of The Rugrats Movie where Spike fell off the bridge. He was fine, but Jesus, Nickelodeon… 
– Too many people near you are talking at the same time. 
A triple-threat top: stripes and elbow patches. HEART-SHAPED ELBOW PATCHES.
Yes! I love reading comments as much as the blog post itself! I’ve Learned So Much From Reading The Xojane Comments Section.
Let us worship at the 90s altar that was deLiA*s
Something I’m sure all of you guys read a million years ago: Sugar’s ‘Write Like a Motherf*cker‘ piece.
I’d finally been able to give it because I’d let go of all the grandiose ideas I’d once had about myself and my writing—so talented! so young! I’d stopped being grandiose. I’d lowered myself to the notion that the absolute only thing that mattered was getting that extra beating heart out of my chest. Which meant I had to write my book. My very possibly mediocre book. My very possibly never-going-to-be-published book. My absolutely no-where-in-league-with-the-writers-I’d-admired-so-much-that-I-practically-memorized-their-sentences book. It was only then, when I humbly surrendered, that I was able to do the work I needed to do.
Well, you’re going to want to read this entire blog: WTF, evolution?
I’m now completely obsessed with the Danish concept of ‘hygge’
The Danish word hygge (hue-gah) is a feeling or mood that comes from taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary everyday things simply extraordinary; whether it’s using real lights on a Christmas tree or breaking out the good wine when friends come over.
An interview with our collective girlfriend Connie Britton.
Hope you had a great week!



I just wanted to say that I have also sprayed that very same fragrance from Mississippi Market on myself.

Sarah Von Bargen

This interaction is The Story of My Life. Someone mistakes me for being fancy, tries to compliment me, I get overly honest, and then everything's awkward.

Midnight Cowgirl

I was obsessed with deLiA*s! There wasn't one nearby, so when my family went on trips, I'd research store locations for a little shopping detour…

Kaitlin Marie

If you're enjoying learning about hygge (which is awesome), and you like difficult-to-translate words/concepts, you should look into:

Wabi-sabi–which is a Japanese concept about the beauty of imperfection

Tener Duende (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duende_(art))–A Spanish concept used to explain the feeling of emotion and chills you get from a particularly moving performance or work of art. One of my Spanish dictionaries definted Tener Duende as "to burn from within" and the feeling can also be attributed to the performer and how they feel as they create their art.

I love weird, hard-to-translate words that convey big ideas. <3

And I love the ideas behind hygge (as well as Pink of Perfection, who I've followed for awhile now)



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