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What’d you get up to this week, guys?  I’m still on the road – I did a Solution Session with an amazing boutique toy company and bought a lot of moonshine (FOR SOUVENIRS, Y’ALL).  I caught up with a friend from my time in Taiwan and I inadvertently found myself in Savannah, GA on the day of the St. Patrick’s Day parade.  Which is a huuuuuge deal.  Who knew?Enough about me!  Links for you!

Every morning that I wake up somewhere new, I’m taking a photo of my bed and posting it to this photo album.

Yes!  20 things that made you feel like a BAMF in Elementary School. (Um, #4 made me feel like a BAMF in grad school.)

Beautiful things I can’t afford: yellow bootsx-ray pillow$18,000 ‘cocoon tree bed.’

We all know those couples who ride bikes together.  You should probably buy them these prints for their weddings.Remember when I sold karma cards? They’re out of stock now, but Helen used hers to spread some joy around the UK.

Ahem. A reminder that being blonde and smart are not mutually exclusive.

I looooove the styling on Azealia Bank’s video for 1991.  It’s like seventh grade all over again!
I’m sure you guys don’t need this reminder, but if for some reason you think it’s okay to use the N word, this is a good read.

Hilarious answers to ridiculous interview questions.
Google: You are climbing a staircase. Each time you can either take one step or two. The staircase has n steps. In how many distinct ways can you climb the staircase?
There’s a typo in your question, there, dude. You said “n,” but I think you were supposed to put a number.

Truth. Hating Your Shitty Job Only Makes It Worse.

I don’t think it was designed with travelers in mind but Le Tote (which is like Netflix for clothes) would be perfect when you’re staying in one city for a week and want to keep your luggage light!
If you’re looking for inspiring ladies, check out The Reconstructionists: a year-long celebration of remarkable women who have changed the world.
The past few years, I tried in vain to avoid Facebook like the plague on this day. It did not help that I know a lot of people who delight in broadcasting the “best” things their husband does for them, evidently of his own awesome accord. Pictures of huge bouquets of flowers, stories of massage certificates and outfits he picked out and bought all by himself, legends of surprise dates and breakfasts in bed…
It’s sweet that these husbands do these things. And who could fault a woman for wanting to brag a little about how much she is cherished?
It just makes it tough if you happen to be married to a man who doesn’t work that way.
Kim has some very smart advice for bloggers seeking freebies (and small businesses who are being asked to give stuff away.)
I’m hoping to make it to Mexico City for Day of the Dead this year (!), so I should probably download this app.
12. You find yourself complaining about the same things you were a year ago.
13. You’re scared of change, even though you know it’s the only thing right now that has the ability to make things better.Some Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: What’s on your future resume? The 4 Rules of Safe, Solo Lady Travel, True Story: My Family Was In A Cult.

Hope you had a great weekend!


Katie Bordner

Sarah! If you can, try to make it to Oaxaca instead of Mexico City for Day of the Dead – I went there about 5 years ago – it's a little more traditional b/c that's where it "originated" from.

m e l i g r o s a

OMG mexico city day of the dead!! better yet michoacán, so traditional to “clean everything and give love to the bones” i mean literally the bones/remains are taken out to be cleaned. sounds weird but it's a super long tradition http://youtu.be/RC6wQyQv–k
or oaxaca in the fall

anyways since you are driving tons, you can prob queue the 55 dave grohl keypoint presentation, never been a big fan of foo fighters, but he is like good wine gotta love him<3


I love the 15 signs its time to make a change in your life. A few days ago I got offered a job in a company I really want to work for! LIKE REALLY want to work for, but the money is alot less, like €1000 a month less…..its still livable but ahhhh I dont know what to do! 🙁


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