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How was your week, friends?  My girl Meredith joined me in Charleston for the rest of my road trip and we’ve been beaching, mint julep-ing, ghost-touring, ping-pong-ing, and Dollywood-ing with the best of ’em.  (Also: yesterday we tried to visit The World’s Biggest Treehouse but it’s been shut down for safety reasons.  Obviously we felt we needed to climb over the fence so we could get a better look at it.  And obviously I ripped my jeans doing so.  You can’t win ’em all.)Anyway!  Links!

Jonathan Adler’s manifesto (above) is awesome. (His ceramics are pretty great, too.)

Oh, but NPH and his hubby are adorable.

By now you probably know the few products that I’m practically a missionary for (this lipstick, these flip
flops, these life-changing travel amenities).  I would like to add these jeans to that list.
Here’s why:
* they go high enough in back that your underwear doesn’t hang out the top when you bend over
* they go high enough on the sides that your muffin top doesn’t hang out
* they’re low enough in the front that they’re still sexy(ish)
* they’ve got enough stretch that they fit most body types
* they come in a million colors and THEY COST $34
I have five pairs of jeans and four of those are rock star jeans.  Get. them. now.

My obsession with Russia continues: photos of an elite Russian military school for girls.

I’ve never read an obituary that’s so sweet and uplifting.  I hope mine is as full of life and written with as much love.

He excelled at growing camellias, rebuilding houses after hurricanes, rocking, eradicating mole crickets from his front yard, composting pine needles, living within his means, outsmarting squirrels, never losing a game of competitive sickness, and reading any history book he could get his hands on. He loved to use his oversized “old man” remote control, which thankfully survived Hurricane Katrina, to flip between watching The Barefoot Contessa and anything on The History Channel. He took extreme pride in his two grandchildren Harper Lewis (8) and William Stamps Lewis (6) of Dallas for whom he would crow like a rooster on their phone calls.

Read more here: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/sunherald/obituary.aspx?n=harry-stamps&pid=163538353&fhid=4025#fbLoggedOut#storylink=cpy

22 things happy people do differently.

I love this house tour!  Of course, it’s from Sweden.

Hilarious!  The 23 best ways to handle a text from a wrong number.

Hippie recipes I’m going to try: sour kiwi chia jelly and quinoa pizza bites.

A super useful app if you (like me) track business expenses for tax deductions.

A great reminder of what non-model women look like nude.

Want to plan the perfect vacation? Here’s how:

If a leisurely one- or two-week vacation is not possible, you might try taking multiple short trips. In fact, taking several three- or four-day trips — providing multiple opportunities to experience the pleasure of anticipation — may even be more beneficial than one long vacation.I’ve known my BFF for 22 years and we hang out at least once or twice a week.  Here are 29 dates to go on with your best friend.  Sweet!

Three songs I’m loving at the moment: Out of My League, Seven One Eight, Global Concepts.

Rejecting rejection letters.

And some Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: Operation High Five, How to be more productive, True Story: I survived a crazy childhood.

Hope you had a great week!


S. N

Web Time Wasters is literally my favourite regular blog post of the week! Practically everything in it, every week, is something I enjoy. Good work you!


Global Concepts! Robert DeLong! We're the radio team that helps the record label get that song on non-commercial radio. Has it played on The Current lately? 🙂

eileen ragan | leaner by the lake

Sarah – The Nu Project totally blew me away. Yesterday I read the essay "Why I'm Wearing a Bikini on the Internet" from Brittany Gibbons over at Huff Post and this takes that idea to a whole other level. I loved looking through the Nu Project's galleries and seeing all the different ways that women present their body and the beautiful variety that exists of shapes and curves and crevices. Stunning.

Thanks so much for sharing a link. Over the past ten years my own body has gone through too many metamorphoses to count. It's a lovely reminder that we're all different and constantly evolving – completely unique in our own skin.


Whit B Nimble

Yep Sarah, you make Sundays more fun with this post! I think that obituary is just the best thing ever, and I can't wait to do the best friend dates with my BFF of 12 years. ^^

m e l i g r o s a

fairly lucky to have a Jonathan Adler store here in San Francisco where one can see everything +window shop incessantly, oh it's next to an indie book store, which is next to a coffee shop… pretty goo eh?! <3

btw, found an even deeper love+appreciation about JA on his recent interview on etsy [http://www.etsy.com/blog/en/2013/jonathan-adler-etsy/] his partner is also interviewed in the etsy blog archives.
have a great weekend xxom


I promise I'm not a spambot Sarah! 😀

I just wanted to tell you that I am wearing a pair of those Rockstar skinny jeans right now. They are so perfect for when I wear my winter boots.
Also, I have to agree with everyone else, webtime wasters on a lazy Sunday is THE BEST.


Your link to the Russian Military School sent chills down my spine! It made me think about my childhood growing up in uber competitive Singapore and how crazily different childhood experiences can be!


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