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If you guys took part in Nine Days of Nice and had been meaning to send a package to a soldier, let this thank you note be your reminder to get down to the post office STAT.  How sweet is this?
I spent this week eating in sunny, corner diners, bruising my knees and shouting with joy at The City Museum, speaking to a media class at the U of MN, and watching Sally give a reading from her book. I’m currently doing that thing you do after a trip where you revel in routine and laundry-doing.  It is awesome.Also!  Today is the very last day (the last one!) you can book a cheap-o mini Solution Session with me.  $150 for a big ol’ list of suggested improvements to your site!  $300 for a 3-month blogging plan! $150 for a Twitter + Facebook plan.  Tomorrow it’s back to $1,000 intensive workshops. 

Enough.  Links for you!I’ve been looking for a ‘summer purse’ (my black studded leather number doesn’t pair well with humidity and 90+ degrees).  I love this colorful bag!

The comments for this recipe for ice = awesome.

A tour of Bill Nye The Science Guy’s house!

A reminder that just about about anyone can move abroad – on your own, knowing no one there, not speaking the language – and make it work.
My name is Vanessa Larson, and I recently made a life-changing decision to quit my job, move to Paris, and go back to school for my MBA. I arrived in Paris on January 2nd with a one-way ticket, an apartment booked for the first month, and plans to immediately stuff myself with as much cheese and bread as possible. As I left the United States, I felt excited, thrilled and terrified all at once. I found myself on this path after a year spent soul-searching, dreaming, and planning.

And excellent infographic on never giving up.

A song I’ve been loving.  Few things beat clever cultural commentary wrapped in a dance-y, hip hop package.
Please sir, may we have another portion? / We’re children of the beast that dodged the abortion / Neck placed firm ‘tween the floor and the Florsheim / We’ll shut your shit down, don’t call it extortion

I will never stop loving tiny houses.  Here are 13!

If you’re currently in school and majoring in anything liberal arts-y, I’m sure you’re plagued with the ‘What are you going to do with that?” question.  A response:

By “do” I don’t mean a job, and by “that” I don’t mean your major. We are more than our jobs, and education is more than a major. Education is more than college, more even than the totality of your formal schooling, from kindergarten through graduate school. By “What are you going to do,” I mean, what kind of life are you going to lead? And by “that,” I mean everything in your training, formal and info60 tiny love stories.

Amazing and brave: Corinna’s goal was to get rejected 100 times in 100 days – and get over her fear of rejection.

Things I want to cook/bake/eat: mango cashew sunshine bites, eggs poached in olive oil, spinach soup.

I need the children in my life to get bigger faster so I can buy this for them.

I’d love to be in India for Holi.  Here’s a great DIY project inspired by the holiday’s colors.

A great tip on saying something tough to someone you love.

A few Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: In which we talk about uncomfortable things, This post is just photos of animals in buckets, Mini Travel Guide: Nigeria.

And if you appreciate my taste in links may I suggest that you follow me on Twitter?  Every evening I tweet a link to my favorite read of the day – in the event that you needed even more ways to procrastinate on the internet. 

Hope you had a great week!



Awesome links! The mango cashew sunshine bites are DEE-LICIOUS. (And super, super easy to make.) (Yup! I made them last week!) My recommendation is to have them chilled, and to make them smaller. (That way you can just pop whole ones in your mouth.)

Love out!


Hey Sarah! Awesome links. This was an enjoyable error to find but just FYI — the link to the "saying something tough to someone you love" takes you to the poached egg recipe. I laughed out loud, because it sort of works : ).


Those mini love stories made me cry, I'm such a sap!! I hope you enjoyed the city museum!! It's one of my favorite places ever!!!!

Sarah @ Marvelous-Darling

What I really love about your blog is that you always have such interesting things and no matter how popular you've become, you haven't tried to cut out the "weirder" stuff, or the edgy stuff. I love that you mix your brand of class in with your crazy awesome content. Just wanted to let you know!


LOVE that you included my 100-day-quest for rejection along with a group of such random and awesome finds. Thanks so much. Already spent waaaay too much time looking all these fun links and I'm sure I'll spend even more.


The "It Bag" tote is from Milanoo. Please, please do not recommend or buy from Milanoo. They use stolen photos, and usually send out truly awful quality products.

Here is a list of names they use. http://egl.livejournal.com/18033026.html

They have a F with the Better Business Bureau http://www.bbb.org/chicago/business-reviews/bridal-shops/milanoo-hk-co-limited-in-sichuan-province-cn-88383915.

Here's a dress that someone ordered, not intended to be a costume: http://egl.livejournal.com/14481128.html

And here is a tumblr about Milanoo: http://ohnomilanoo.tumblr.com/

I love your web time wasters, just please don't waste your time or money on Milanoo.


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