List 17: Weird Things That Make Me Cry

It’s pretty rare that I cry about anything ‘real.’ Car needs expensive repairs? Got yelled at by a stranger? Experiencing Monthly Feelings? Sitting in rush hour on a rainy Friday afternoon listening to Adele?
Stone cold. But there is a huge number of ‘non-real’ things that make my eyes rain.
1. Any video involving Kid President
He’s just so sweet and joyful I.can’ Anytime he dances. When he gets weird around girls he likes. When he hugs the president. I can’t even. Sometimes I have to stop watching the videos because they give me too many Feelings. Like, really.
2. Anytime I see a picture of unlikely animal friends
I was a real mess when I assembled this blog post.
3. When someone I love is crying about something that’s a big deal
If you’re crying because you’re exhausted, I’ll mix you a drink and say “I’m sorry, dude. That sucks.” If your mom was just diagnosed with cancer, or your partner left, or you got laid off, I will cry right alongside you. (For the record: I’m not sure that this is a great move on my part but I can’t help it!)
4. Anytime I watch this specific music video
And I’m not talking about one, beautiful art directed tear. I’m talking about ugly crying.
5. Anytime I watch this video
Ohhhhhh, godddddddd people all over the world being joyful togetherrrrrrrr!
6. When I see people do something that obviously, visibly brings them joy
Which is another reason that you don’t want to go to a Josh Ritter show with me. Because you’ll feel awkward when I have to cry because he’s grinning.
7. When I’m part of a crowd of strangers who are all singing in unison to a song we love
8. When I’m really sleepy
This isn’t so much ‘crying’ as ‘water leaking out of my eyes while I go about the business of my evening, yawning.’
What weird things make you cry? Leave your weep-inducing links in the comments!
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Oh my goodness, that 'Where is Matt?' video is the happiest, most joyful, most wonderful thing ever! If everyone on the planet watched this at least once a week then that's how we'd achieve world peace.

I cry at ridiculous things:

1)Happy, smiley three-legged dogs
2)Baby bison getting chased down by wolves (as seen in Frozen Planet)
3) And, randomly, when long lost relatives re-unite or meet for the first time. WAH!

Maria xx

Carrie from Talking In Space

I'm glad I am not alone in this. : ) I cry when I see people win awards (like the Oscars), commercials with cute babies or animals, and when I hear people sing the national anthem at sporting events. Oh, and when I watch fireworks(?). Have no idea why fireworks may me teary-eyed. Maybe I associate them with 4th of July and freedom?


What always gets me is rousing speeches in movies (Lord of the Rings is a killer, even though I'm not that much of a fan) and any time people band together against big powers to protest. That protest song that Lisa Simpson sings? Makes me weep.

Sarah @ Marvelous-Darling

At the end of our week of intensive training for the new job I just started, the whole team sat in a circle as our manager read personal statements about why she was excited to have each of us on her team. 80% of us cried. Some of us cried again when the store opened. Luckily, the mascara our company makes doesn't run. πŸ˜‰


The Matt video gets to me too, and nearly any good flashmob video. haha it's so embarrassing. I also cry whenever a live orchestra reaches a crescendo of the piece they're playing. Oh and at the end of this week's episode of Game of Thrones, because I read the books and knew what was coming and it was just SO AWESOME.

Sarah M

a choir of humanity…. love that (and totally get the nostalgia wonderfulness of that feeling, too)

I am a bawl baby: every episode of Call the Midwife, some commercials (the bud commercial with the colt from the superbowl? ugh…), getting to the end of books and LOVING the last paragraph…I'm such a sap.

Sarah M

Lisa Latebloom

Commercials, random songs, surprise proposal videos, old people crying, anything that reminds me of my favorite state are all things that make me cry/verklempt.

Kirstie and Floss

I'm so glad other people cry at "Where is Matt?" I cried so much the first time I watched it and my friends just didn't understand! Anything at all where community spirit shines through will set me off haha.


Oh man, immediate ugly cry two notes into the song Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard (from the movie/play Once).
Everytime I see him in concert I cry as well just because his voice is so lovely. It's usually music that gets me. Also, getting off a plane in either Colorado or Ireland, places in my heart I consider a "home". Happy tears!

Jenny O

What IS it about the Choir of Humanity? That video of people around the world covering All You Need Is Love gets me every time.

Mollie @ Jennings Brae Bank Farm

When the kids at my school do any choral performance. From the Kindergartners singing "Up On the Rooftop" at Christmas to the middle school choir performing beautiful arrangements of Lady Gaga (really!), I'm always wiping my eyes!


When athletes are celebrating after a big win, I always get teary. I get it from my dad, a huge, bearded, kind of gruff man who weeps while watching the World Series.

Also, whenever I realize that I really, really, REALLY like somebody, I get teary. Hopefully the dude isn't there when it happens, because that's awkward.


Oh man… Ever since I had my daughter I've become a professional crier. Anything involving family bonding, keeping people safe, joyous celebrations, and pretty much every ESPN special.

I'm telling you, it's crazy!

Jodie van de Wetering

Bagpipes! I don't know what it is, and I don't even have Scottish ancestors I can blame, but the minute some joker starts playing Amazing Grace on a tartan bag of wind I'm gone.


This for me, too. I think it's because they're almost always played for important life events like funerals, memorials for soldiers, weddings, etc.

Sarah Bishop

This. And yes I've completely associated the bagpipe version with funerals. To the point that if the CD I'm listening to has that version on it I can not listen while driving.


I remember reading The Dark Materials: Book 3, when I was a teenager. There is a part of it where the two kids are sharing a piece of fruit or something and I can't even remember now what it signified, but it basically meant they could never see each other again… or something (I need to reread it). I put the book down, and bawled. My mom came in all worried and I was just a mess. "The… it… they… I can't finish this book!" Hahaha

She totally understood though. She also understood when she caught me laughing hysterically while reading Pippi Longstocking. <3

Emily R Powell

I can't even watch that video for The Curse because just hearing the song makes me cry! He is Will you be at the concert on Thursday? I'll be there, I'm sure alternating between grinning like a crazy person and crying because he's grinning. I can't wait!


I love your list! The weirdest thing that makes me really emotional is people doing things in a group, when everyone is united and working towards the same goal. This only works if it's a big group, like more than 50. So whenever I see a flashmob or a concert or whatever, I get super emotional. It comes from deep within and I have no idea why.

The Dame Intl

SAAAMMMMEEEEE!!!! I thought it was only me! I have no idea why either! But it makes me want it to keep happening, like the world would be fixed if we all came together!!


I cry whenever—WHENEVER—I see others tearing up, whether they be next to me in real life or on tv. It's a problem! haha, what can I say? I'm compassionate (?)

Also, anytime I hear old-timey patriotic songs. Today, I heard "This land is your land" sung by children in the background of a historical documentary in my grad class and I had to mentally fight the tears. Goodness.


Same. The song "In my life" by The Beatles is a killer. I heard it on TV the other day, and turned into a puddle.


I cry every time I see a soldier in an airport. Where are they going? Do they have a family? Did they just say goodbye or are they getting ready to be welcomed home? Plus, it seems like every one I see is about 18 and I just feel so overwhelmed that someone so young is fighting for my freedom. Bawl.


The audition round of So You Think You Can Dance. People achieving dreams and sharing their life stories and jumping and crying like maniacs when they make it? And crying proud family and friends?! Such a sucker.


Animals that underwent major surgery and are overcoming obsticles – like this kitty learning to his wheelchair: (OH GOD WATERWORKS) I am stone-cold when it comes to kids and adults undergoing medical hardships (probably because I've been through so many myself) but animals? Forget it. I'm a waterpark in July.

Videos of soldiers surprising their loved ones ( I watch them for hours whenever I am having a case of the blues.

My parents crying always brought me to helpless tears. Their helplessness was like the worst feeling when I was a kid.


Every time I read a certain part of Outlander (aka Crossitch). I'm crying so hard- double pumping it- that I need to PUT THE BOOK DOWN to indulge myself in said cry.
Then I valiantly read on.
I'm such a badass.


Any kind of scenes where a soldier is returning home from war to his/her family makes me cry like a baby. Also, ASPCA comercials


OH MAN! Me too, the video with soldiers coming home and surprising their siblings/kids/wives/husbands/parents… I'm a mess. I can't even…


I cry at exactly the same things. Also, when people are super happy it seems to trigger my tears – like when someone wins a competition. That and children dancing. I once judged a children's dancing competition where they had to make up dances based on the Red Cross' work. Their sincerity, effort and joy made me a veritable mess of tears!


I'm a born crybaby and kids made fun of me for that. So I'd keep hiding it and hiding it. Now, as an adult… I don't know if it's the synthetic estrogen or something, but now I cry at anything that's super funny! So embarrassing!

You ever sob at something so funny, so you have to keep repeating "oh man, that's funny" over and over again so that bystanders don't think you need help?


One of my most recent ones that I had to work REALLY HARD to hold back (because it was in public at an activity day at the university where I teach in Thailand). I was running the spelling bee, and there was this big, tall, kind of awkward looking student who came and sat by himself to do the spelling bee. It made me really emotional, because in Thailand it is really rare for a student to do ANYTHING without friends, but this student really wanted to do the spelling bee, and sat down even though you could tell he felt a bit awkward and other students were looking at him and not sitting near him. I wanted him to win so badly. This is also why I think I could never work at public schools in the U.S.–I would start tearing up every time I saw a student sitting alone at lunch…


For me it's:
– Watching the groom's face when his bride takes her first step down the aisle towards him.
– Seeing my boyfriend/mum/dad/grandmother cry (I'm a sympathy crier)
– Seeing a well-loved stuffed toy abandoned in a public place.
– The Pogues Fairytale of New York.

Frances Harjeet

omg Josh Ritter…I completely relate! I love watching him play, he looks like the jolliest happiest little kid on top of the world anytime he's on stage. It's so awesome.
When I was planning my wedding, in the month preceding my big day, I would start tearing up whenever I looked at wedding blogs…it was kind of embarrassing.

The Dame Intl

I'm usually known to be a hard ass that never cries, but the older I get, I seem to be a full glass of water that spills easily.

I well up with a huge bubble of emotion when I see singers come out on stage and everyone goes wild. I get really emotional when I see large numbers of people doing something positive.

Lately, I tear up when I watch an emotional scene in a movie or on tv.


This is so sweet. Like you, I cried when my brother's car auto-lock the key with the engine on inside, and when it requires expensive repair. And I become teary when i think about my mother who is far apart of me.Think about what is she doing.


A little late to the party, but as someone who can cry over almost anything (including, as listed above: the end of Modern Family (why?!), people winning awards, soldiers returning home to dogs and definitely big moving crescendos in almost any song).
Most of the time, I am not a big fan of any of the sports balls. But for some reason, when a player is hurt and is taken off of the field and everyone including the other team and their fans stand up and applaud – that ALWAYS gets me.
Cry the most at joyful humans. A close second is animal besties. Surely you've seen this, but just in case you missed it:
I probably look at this once a week. I love that the wombat is named Peggy and is described as "cheeky and boisterous."



The Where is Matt video? Bawling.

Now I'm trying to think of things I cry about…
1. Anytime brothers are uncharacteristically nice to sisters on TV (ie. when Bart and "MJ" sing Lisa their birthday song, anytime Alex Keaton tells Mallory he's proud, etc.)
2. Animals demonstrating typical human things (bear waving, dog teaching puppy how to walk down stairs).
3. People making other people happy for no reason (the security camera video set to "Give a Little Bit" oh GAWD SO GOOD).
4. Dads being mushy with their babies.
5. Olympics commercials about hard work and dedicated parents. Ugh.
6. The part in Forrest Gump when he finds out about little Forrest. Blubber blubber!
7. Anytime I see photos of my cousin's baby and my heart breaks because she's growing so fast and I haven't even held her yet! Two more weeks…
8. A Bit of Fry and Laurie, but that's more "laughing until tears stream down my face" than crying.
9. Kid President – totally with you on this one.
10. When the kid in Love Actually is running through the airport to catch the girl he loves. I literally yelled in the theatre years ago when it first came out, cheering him on. My friends hugged me. I appreciated it…that movie kills me.

AND SO MANY MORE! The older I get, the more blubbery I get. :/


Ohhh I am SUCH a crier. Certain commercials, Kermit whenever he sings (I still can't figure that out…) and music all.the.time. Poison and Wine, a lot of the music I play in the wind ensemble I'm a part of…all manner of things.

Eric Whitacre is this amazing musician who started the game late and creates BEAUTIFUL music that gets me every time, playing or hearing…and he does this "world choir" thing called Virtual Choir…

Which is really the whole world singing together..check it out sometime, but get tissues. There's a TED talk about it too. πŸ˜€


I always get super emotional when I hear specific songs- even if they don't mean a thing to me I just get all worked up and cry my eyes out (pursuit of happiness, kid cudi) << that song gets me the most, and to the point where I cant even listen to it or it will ruin my entire night. Same goes for other random songs, it sucks and I hope I'm not the only one! ^_^


This is so odd but I cry over a lot of things involving food. For example the picture of a well balanced breakfast on the back of a Nutella jar. Or my dog's fuzzy hamburger toy sitting on the floor. Or an empty glass on the porch railing… Its soooooo strange- ever since I was little this has happened. Mostly I just ignore it but sometimes I can't.


oh, im not the only one! I cry for example in restaurant, when I watch the menu… Im thinking of people, who likes this certain food… or I translated one article and there was one sentece: “Susan ordered cake with cream.” I dont know why I was so teary about that… other things: when someone plays piano, herds of animals (bisons or birds that fly so long distances twice a year)

francis Affoh

I get teary when i watch a marathon race or any competition and the winner is going through the final lap to the end of the rope. What wrong with me?


I cry all the time, over what seems like everything. One thing that really gets me going is watching people dance. Every episode of DWTS. Any dance videos on FB. For instance, the police officers having competitions. It’s so embarrassing.


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