Money/Happy/Simple Tip #2

I thought I’d start a new series of mini-posts sharing tips/ideas/tricks that have made my life happier, simpler, and filled with (slightly) more money.  You can read past tips here. 

We all have moments of weakness or laziness when we want to eat a bag of Doritos for lunch or sleep in our makeup or stay in watching Netflix.  It’s okay to do those things once in a while, but doing them repeatedly = tight jeans, bad skin, subpar social life.  Get a package of makeup remover wipes and keep them in your bedside table (I like these) and buy some granola bars to store in your glove compartment.  So easy, so helpful.What emergency things do you keep in your purse/desk/glovebox?

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Holly And the Ivy

Emergency Cup-a-soup, bottle of water and breakfast bars! While I was a carer in domiciliary care, I'd sometimes go without having enough time for lunch or breakfast, so I kept dry foods and a big bottle of water in my car (which was basically my second home while I had that job lol!). Some of my service users were kind enough to let me have my cup a soup while they had their lunch or I'd quickly eat a breakfast bar on the way to my first job in the morning.

Chelsea Shannon

I ALWAYS have a couple of boxes of different yummy teas in my work drawer so I don't constantly splurge on fancy coffee. When I'm bored / bored-hungry at work, my stash of tea actually saves me life


I'm with Chelsea. I carry tea with me often. It's particularly great for travel – when you arrive in a new place, tired and sweaty and gross, and you just want a shower and to unpack before going out and finding a grocery store, making yourself a cup of tea (and having a snack on you when you can) is a lifesaver. It somehow takes the rush out of things.


Band-aids and stamps in my wallet. They don't take up any space and when you need one, you can't substitute anything else. Plus it always impressed my coworkers that I had a stamp handy.

Tami - Teacher Goes Back to School

I keep dairy free clif bars, almonds, cashews and peanut butter pretzels with me in case the shrimp falls asleep in the car.

Also a fully charged Kindle, several books and magazines plus my journal. I get a lot done during naps.

Shepherds Daughter

I have bottles of water in the back of my trunk along with a box of granola bars. It helps me when I forget to pack lunch, and it helps when I run into homeless people!!

Jessica @ Blog-Inspired Cooking

I always have food at the office in case things get too busy — microwave popcorn, tea, instant miso soup, granola bars, salt & pepper, instant curry lentil soup from the bulk bin, etc. I'd rather eat one of my awesome low-cal Korean udon noodle bowls than in our cafeteria.

I also have personal stuff – tampon, contact solution, toothbrush and paste.


I like to have snacks, herbal tea and books by my side, as well as nail varnish and straighteners to help me look presentable and ready for any events that come up!


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