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How was your week, guys?  I had been catching up with friends like WHOA (one Mika show, two birthday parties, a birthday brunch, three dinners with friends, and a soccer game) so I’ll be hermitting for a few days to recover.  In addition to All The Socializing, I’ve been Solution Session-ing it up with GearTrack and working on an exciting project that has nothing to do with the internet or writing.  It’s so lovely to use a different part of my brain!

Anyway!  Links for you!

It’s getting to be swimsuit season!  A one-piece that I love and I’m oddly into this one-shouldered number.

Remember when I went to the Freakshow in LA?  AMC was filming a reality show while I was there and I’m in a bunch of crowd shots.  You can see me here at 2:12 and 2:24. I’m the one in pink, heart-shaped sunglasses, an orange scarf, and dress with cats all over it.  Good thing I dressed for the occasion.As a former teacher, I wish I would have had this ebook when I left the classroom (I went traveling for ten months instead.)

You would not believe that this lookbook is for a floral studio.

A clever DIY for those old window blinds!

Thoughts on failure:

What mattered most was that in that moment, I had equated criticism with failure. Do you ever do that? Sounds like a rookie move, I know. But too often, I take negative feedback and give it more weight than it deserves; letting it define my work, my talent, myself. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say something a little crazy here: criticism isn’t a sign that you are failing, it’s an indication that you are succeeding.

One of my New Things for this year is to wear heels (or more realistically: wedges) every day for a week.  Maybe I can start with these cute vintage-y ones?  And these looks pretty doable!

This is the capital T Truth: the key to living life on your own terms.

You probably saw dear blank, please blank a million years ago.  It. is. good.

Cuuuuute!  Offbeat wedding shoes

Yesyesyes.  Four agreements.

Things I want to eat: edamame hummus with yogurt and radish.

So helpful!  How To Move

I know from experience that there is nothing worse than unpacking a box at a new place and seeing junk you don’t want. The most difficult part of this is mental and it’s about getting over denial. It’s hard to give up a dress you spent a lot of money on but that never quite fit right, but I promise it’s worth it.

A nursery that even a grownup could love.

I don’t know why this never occurred to me: small space seating solution – stools.

I’ve been loving Kyla’s entire post series about transforming her work life, but this post is particularly useful – how rituals can supercharge your productivity.

By adding a small ritual to the end of your work day, even something as simple as closing your eyes and taking ten deep breaths, before going into your evening, your body will learn quickly that you can officially switch gears. After a week of remembering to pause and add it in, you might find that you need less time to decompress and recharge, and can get on to the fun stuff faster.

A super cute, super easy DIY to try with old book pages.

Fantastic advice about making the most out of any workshop or event.

A few Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: Part-timing your passion: thoughts on freelancing on the side, How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others, First world problems.

Hope you had a great week!



I knew you were awesome, but knowing you like Mika adds another layer of awesome to your awesomeness!!! 😉
Have a great week!


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