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Happy Sunday, guys!  What’d you get up to this week?  Alex, her brother Ben and I explored the glories of Glam Doll donuts, we all survived an April snowstorm, and yesterday brunch turned into spontaneous Bloody Marys at the VFW and bar bingo and a $54 win on a $1 bingo card.  Life is good, you guys.Anyway!  Links!

My girl Kristin and her husband bought a 2,800 square foot Victorian outside of Nashville and they’re slowly but surely renovating it and making it (even more) awesome.  So cool!

I think these are meant for children. Whatever. I want everything in this Etsy shop.
This tank top is so sexy!  (Though I’m not sure what sort of bra you’d wear with it …)  And I’d love to add this necklace to my Sort Of Grown Up Not From Target jewelry collection.  (For the record, there’s only one other piece of jewelry in said collection.)
Smarty pants Jess Lively talks about online myopia
It became easy to downgrade the great service I was doing in real life, and instead focus on all the online “goals” I had yet to attain (I use the word goals loosely here because there wasn’t any real aim besides generally feeling like I was “enough” online). To those who do not spend most of their days online and supporting themselves in this manner,this might seem downright crazy. 
But I have a feeling that those who spend a significant amount of time supporting themselves with online activities year after year, may feel shades of this phenomenon every so often.
Not surprising that I love Zoo Portraits – photos of animals in outfits.
Oh!  The 25-least visited countries in the world!  Have you been to any of them?
An awesome NSFW song that I’ve been loving lately.
On a related note: we’re all in love with Donald Glover, right?  I’m the only person who’s never watch Community, but dude is 30 years old, was a writer on 30 Rock, starred in Community, and writes rhymes like “Terry Gross on the mic, I’m the talk of the nation.”  I love this song.
I love the Perpetual Kid website and everything on it. Obviously, I need this weird sparkly hairbrush that makes your hair smell like strawberries.
7. If you can take an hour to write three paragraphs about a typo that you fond in someon’s post and how it undermines the efficacy of their entire theory, then perhaps you need to find more meaning in your life. Volunteer somewhere.
Window gardening and planter gardening tips for apartment-dwellers like me!
Nubby’s got some great advice about balancing ethics and blog advertisers.
Living in our favorite dog-show-based movie: Best In Show.
Hope you had a great weekend!



Great links! Especially the one about the 25 least-visited countries in the world–fascinating, eh?

Searching for the #y&y hashtag should only show the Fave Reads you post on your Twitter (that you've tagged with that hashtag), right? I think Twitter might not be able to recognize the ampersand (&). When I search for #y&y it brings up any tweets from anyone that contains "y y". Maybe it's just my account/browser/computer though? Anyway, thought I should let you know.

Sarah Von Bargen

Thanks, Savannah! I've only started hashtagging those tweets recently so there aren't tons. I tried to hashtag with #yny and for some reason, other people were using that hashtag for other stuff. Maybe I should use #yandy?


Ah you know (forgive me, I'm relatively new to Twitter), I just realized that your tweets do show up if I search #y&y and THEN click on "People you follow". So as long as we're following you, that is probably good enough.


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