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How was your week, friends?  I ate these amazing brownies at a potluck, cuddled beagles and a toddler in front of a fire, survived ANOTHER snowstorm, and went out dancing.  Good times!Also, if you follow me on Twitter and enjoy my ‘Fave Read of the Day’ tweets (which are different links than what I highlight here), I’ve started hashtagging the tweets with #yandy so you find them all in one place.

On to links!

I love this print.  This should be hung somewhere I can see every day.

What a great literary goal!  I think I’ll add this to my New Things list next year!
It’s easy to feel like the blogosphere is populated solely by lithe 22 year olds.  Did you know that one of the biggest design blogs (SFGirlbyTheBay) is written by 53-year-old Victoria?  I loved this interview with her:
Best moment of your career so far?
Oh gosh, I’m still surprised people read the blog. It was such a whim, but one that I am proud of. The silliest thing I got a kick out of was being featured underneath one of the those stickers you can peel off in Lucky Magazine. My blog URL was listed underneath, and that just made me smile.
What advice would you give to your 23-year-old self?
Break up with that idiot. He won’t be worth it.
Have you ever heard of the Bechdel Test Movie List?  To be on the list, the movie must have
1. At least two [named] women in it
2. Who talk to each other
3. About something besides a manPretty jewelry from a local designer!

I am not one to talk trash, but after the single worst online shopping experience I’ve ever had, I can whole-heartedly tell you to stay away from SheInside. Looks like I should have googled them first?

Cute things I want: this t-shirt with a sloth climbing a skyscraper a la King Kong (!), these handmade buckle-less belts (they’ll always fit!), this travel journal, any of the body products made at this amazing farm.
And one more!  This gorgeous pillow sham.  For $20!
Oh.my.goodness.  Let’s make a pact to be half as awesome as Phyllis Sues at age 90.
I started my own fashion label at 50, became a musician and learned Italian and French in my 70s, took tango and trapeze at 80 and walked into my first yoga class at 85. So, if you think you’re old, think again!I loooooooved this house tour. Maybe I should paint my walls black?

I always love Design Sponge’s ‘Living In’ series.  How gorgeous would it be to live in Monsoon Wedding?

If you can’t afford to (or don’t want to!) hire a designer for your blog: a three-part series on giving your blog a DIY makeover.

Removeable wallpaper.  Yessssss!

As always, Alex is awesome.  On non-stealing of time – yours and other’s:
ϟ Write short, concise, elegant emails. Most working professionals receive upwards of 100 emails a day. If you’re going to add to the queue, strive to be precise.
ϟ Think before you reach out for “help.” Can the answer you’re seeking easily be Googled? Do you really need assistance? Do you have a specific question, at all?
ϟ Show up on time. Model punctuality, and inspire others to do the same.

Some Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: Picking Your Luxuries, On Optimism and Email, True Story: I Have My Dream Job.

Hope you had a great weekend, friends!


Sarah Von Bargen

I know! I was so disappointed! I won't go into the specific of my email exchanges with them but I certainly won't be buying from them in the future and it's frustrating that they've apparently similarly with many other customers. Poor form, SheInside!


Hey Sarah!

I love your weekend content- always giving me something new to explore on the internet!

One question: The link to the Twitter trick leads to a " We couldn't find what you're looking for" page at Inward Facing Girl. And I didn't have any luck with the internal search function on her blog, either. I'm mystified by Twitter, so I need all the tips I can get! Thanks!


The Phyllis Sues story is striking me as incredibly inspiring this fine Sunday morning, so thank you for that. It is easy to feel that, as I'm pushing 30, there's so much I haven't done. Thanks for reminding me that I can still do it all!


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