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How was your week, guys?  I celebrated a friend’s birthday with group pedis, played tennis very badly, and brunched with some of my favorite, most accomplished ladies.
But let’s talk about links!When I was in college I had the “There’s in an idea of a Patrick Batemen ….” scene as the message on my answering machine. WHAT A WEIRDO.  As such, I’m oddly into the idea of an American Psycho musical.

Gosh, but this bracelet is adorable! Also: I’m pretty sure these running shoes need to be part of my life.


A wonderful, wonderful, wonderful poem/reminder.
I’ve been hanging out with a friend and her toddler lately and this children’s book is faaaaantastic.
A panda appears in the backyard of three children. He is holding a large red umbrella (one that he holds over the three children as they talk) and is extraordinarily polite. The book notes that he, “spoke with a slight panda accent”. With this initial meeting, the children slowly befriend their new neighbor, Stillwater. 


My sister is adopted from Korea and some of my dear friends adopted their daughter from China.  This documentary about international adoption looks fascinating.

My girl Ellie just published her first book about a runaway whose magic pen creates tattoos that come to life!

Wow.  What does it feel like to be racially profiled?

Apparently, it was a “random” security screening procedure (everyone else kept boarding). I was confused and startled, 18 at the time, this was my first interaction with a law enforcement officer. I was surprised because I had landed at Heathrow a few hours earlier and I never left the terminal waiting area.


The Sidebar Of Your Blog Is Hot Garbage.  Discuss.Love it.  All the different ways to travel – by train, by float plane, by ostrich.

I’d never heard of Debenhams before (they’re one of the UK’s leading department stores apparently) but I applaud the diversity of the models they’re using in their catalog.  Awesome!

So helpful!  Everything you need to know when you’re building a website for your business.

Faaaascinating!  Thoughts on why ‘Ebonics’ is a completely legitimate English dialect.

If you’re dating, a very good reminder.

Did you know that 35% of women have had an abortion?  I really admire Molly Crabapple’s bravery in talking about hers.
I found no information on patching myself up again. For the right, recovery means repentance. For the left, you weren’t supposed to have to recover at all. Abortions were different from miscarriages. Those are tragic. We were bad. If you get an abortion, you haul yourself to work the next day. The world owes you no sympathy. Count yourself lucky you were able to get one at all.Some Yes and Yes posts you might have missed: What do you want to look like?, True Story: My Family Was In A Cult, People Want To Help You.

Hope you had a great week, guys!


Life [Comma] Etc

I am in disagreement in regards to a world without side bars (and hopefully not because I have a sidebar). An easy way to get to know a site or get to know a blogger is to see what topics they write about and navigate to them easily. I use the top menu and sidebar buttons to investigate every site I visit!


If you think Debenhams is a good British department store, maybe check out Marks and Spencer's? It's different in that it stocks only it's own brands (until recently- when it introduced other brands in its food sections) but has a very ethical and social conscience
– first to feature older and plus-sized models
– uses models with disabilities (recent well-publicized photos of a child with Down's Syndrome)
– reduces salt and sugar in foods to improve the population's health, uses sustainable food sources, fair trade etc
– aims to improve the lives of others e.g. http://opportunitynow.bitc.org.uk/our-resources/case-studies/awards-2012-ms-global-award

I love MnS! x


I loved the travelling through children's stories link! I 'd love to visit them all!And the information about building a website is pretty useful thanks for posting the link!


I loved the link on the wonderful reminder/poem and the reminder to women who are dating 🙂 I just got out of a relationship and didnt know how to put in words how I felt let down because he didnt care enough. These 2 links just about wrap up my thoughts on the current situation that I am in while being so poetically positive!! I loved it!!!

Rachel Sedaker

Thank you for sharing the dating advice- words of wisdom, some of it can even apply to friendships. A very pertinent reminder for me.


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